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DeWalt 20V Max Wireless Roof Nailer is an excellent punch list, repair and small work solution, which can save you time, energy and the hassle of operating compressors and hoses. It will not replace your pneumatic nailing machine to complete larger work, and it is not designed by DeWalt. I like this type of roofing contractor and renovation/refurbishment contractor to quickly solve small roofing work and develop rapidly.

The DeWalt 20V Max roof nail is our first battery-powered cordless roof nail. No gas cylinders, no smoke, no hoses, no compressors. As the first to take some risks, we want to know how DeWalt performs as a pioneer.

We like this kind of roofing contractor and renovation/refurbishment contractor to quickly solve small roofing work and move with it.

I arranged a roofing project and brought DeWalt DCN45RN to see how it aligns with my pneumatic stapler. We have completely removed the old roofing material and replaced it with all new waterproofing, waterproofing and construction tiles.

With the advent of the storm system, time is of the essence. When our team used air guns to work on most of the roof, I used DeWalt wireless roof nails around the double chimneys in the valley, where I started layering and finishing them at the end.

I have no other hoses and compressors to install when I am away from home, so I can start a few minutes earlier than others. This also makes climbing easier, without the hose being dragged backwards.

Obviously, the stapler is heavier and more bulky than the pneumatic model. However, this is not surprising. The entire power supply must be packaged into a tool or tool, and this trade-off is required.

However, I can still jump around to complete the smaller tasks and leave the production work to others. Having new tools is not only a short-term stimulus. Quick start and freedom of movement are what I enjoy in other jobs that I follow.

Before starting work, I need to set the correct nail depth. The adjustment knob is located on the top and is easy to use. There are 5 positions to click and it is easy to grasp when wearing gloves.

There are also three magazine positions. To adjust it, rotate the output tray, push it to the desired level, and then rotate it back. Put a coil of up to 120 nails into it, and you can start using it.

In several other jobs, we used 1 3/4 inch, 15º wire straightening nails and 1 1/4 inch nails. In both cases, adjusting the size and depth of the nail is an easy first step.

Switching from a pneumatic roof stapler to a cordless phone takes some time to adapt. You need to pull the trigger and let the motor spin for a second or two before you can prepare to fire. Once it happens, you can be confusing at a consistent speed.

Although we think this is not a problem, please note that this nail gun only has a hit mode.

You will not see the pneumatic velocity here. You can fire about 3 nails per second. I found this to be sufficient for the roof part where I am working. Even in the production area, there is not much slowdown.

We used two nail sizes in the DeWalt 20V Max cordless roof nailer, and when the nails were driven to the desired depth and achieved consistent results, we had no problems.

Nail jams and firing were almost non-existent. We are not surprised or disappointed by the products we own. We don't have any congestion. Almost all fires seem to be the result of fouling of wires, not the result of a failure to properly ignite.

When you encounter a paper jam or a fire, you can pull the driver back by simply turning the lever on the top.

Using a 2.0Ah battery, you can expect to get about 500 photos-about the equivalent of a square roof (about 100 square feet).

DeWalt uses 2.0Ah batteries for a good reason for its cordless roof staples: it is not a lightweight tool. When the battery is 7.6 pounds, it may be a good idea to pop up the FlexVolt 12.0 on the case to extend the running time, but it will be a heavy burden.

One problem we encountered during the test was that the magazine bounced several times. The magazine and its collection are plastic and somewhat fragile. Enough for the magazine label to slide out and open. It doesn't happen all the time, it only happens when you set it up correctly.

Understandably, this tool is the heaviest. Just like the trade-offs you get through wireless trade-offs, the balance will also change.

You can get the DeWalt 20V Max wireless roof stapler with 2.0Ah battery and charger for $399 or $319. It is currently the only one of its kind, so it is difficult to argue with the price. Even so, it is in line with our expectations.

DeWalt 20V Max Wireless Roof Nailer is an excellent punch list, repair and small work solution, which can save you time, energy and the hassle of operating compressors and hoses. It will not replace your pneumatic nailing machine to complete larger work, and it is not designed by DeWalt.

W Roofing contractors and renovation/refurbishment contractors like this can quickly solve small roofing jobs and move with them.

Tom is one of the original founders of Pro Tool Reviews. Tom has nearly two decades of experience in residential and commercial construction. He worked as a project manager in an engineering company, then founded his own architectural design company, and finally owned and operated a residential construction company in South Carolina, becoming a licensed contractor. Tom's specialty is problem-solving and attention to detail-two characteristics are obvious every time a power tool is tested and reviewed.

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Which type of wireless nailing machine do you recommend for wall work? Due to strong winds and heavy rain, we tend to cross many wooden fences in northern Texas. Thank you!

I already own a DeWalt wireless pin stapler for trimming, etc., and having this tool has made me very satisfied. We have carried out many small projects, such as bathroom remodeling, etc. Compared to trying to install conventional compressors and hoses to install a small number of base or casing moldings in our work, cordless phones have saved a lot of time.

Therefore, if this tool is similar to the pruning nails that DeWalt has established, we may purchase this tool for small roof/leak repairs, and we sometimes perform repairs for our customers.

Well, tonight is the first day Milwaukee laughs at us,...showing off all their new tools that are about to be released. We will see if they have any competence or ability to compare with this. That being said, this looks like a great tool and should work the way it was designed. However, we all know that many people will think this is a complete roofing tool and use it in this way. And then half of the work is done and they will find that it is better than

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