Dad Makes Baby Beer Bong To Help Daughter Drink More Milk

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Feeding babies can be a challenge. With their schedule

It’s like crying and vomiting more than their weight for no reason,

Eat a balanced Just Just milk diet. Some babies are simply picky, while others struggle with things like colic, which makes eating more difficult. Statistically speaking, some babies must fill in the lowest percentile of their weight. However, hearing the news from the doctor is reminiscent of telling you that your class score is the slowest driving time – it feels like a challenge, and Rudy Willingham is ready to accept this challenge.

Rudy Willingham (Rudy Willingham) mainly uses

Share his impressive street art, but fortunately, he exceptionally showed an invention that is both interesting and seemingly effective.

Willingham’s video begins with text on the screen, which read: "My daughter is the second percentile of her weight, so we are trying some new feeding methods."

Of course, it sounds good. We watched the baby's milk is professionally prepared by a baby milk powder machine (this is SFW, please relax), then sit on the sofa, and then cut into father and baby. The device in Willingham's hands looks a bit too familiar. This sight makes our stomachs squirm, and our head is pounded like Pavlov's hangover dog.

Willingham opened the cap of the bottle and poured it into a baby beer bottle. This is a phrase we never thought we had to use. The hungry baby stared blankly, just like everyone in the world is staring at a beer keg. Willingham raised the funnel and offered his daughter a plastic pacifier at the end of the tube, which she accepted easily.

At the end of the video, the baby drank from the milk bucket happily, and the "deal" glasses properly covered her eyes because we all realized at the same time that people who can barely raise their heads are cooler than we have ever been. Sometimes, being a parent means being creative when solving problems, and this father is definitely nailing it.

"In college, this way gained a lot of weight," Willingham said in the video's subtitles, "so I think it can do the same for her."

A high school basketball player in Michigan is all the rage because of his posture on the court as a player on the opposing team. This kind of thing happens to be the core thing that sports should be. Wakefield-Marensico (Wakefield-Marensico) college basketball player Matt Montie noticed that a joint venture player from opposite Dollar Bay was participating in the game

That's not the original intention of basketball.

Therefore, after the college sports meeting, he quietly handed over the shoes to the sports director of another school and to the players of the joint venture. He told a local media that he hopes his children will have the opportunity to wear real basketball shoes. In this case,


Monty tells

He remembers the feeling of not being able to afford better basketball shoes when he was young.

He said: "I know how bad it sucks." "Basketball shoes are a must. My ankle is bent a lot and I don't wear the right shoes for the right thing."

And to keep a record, wearing the right shoes is important to all of us. After stupidly deciding to play the pickup basket in my Air Monarchs, I twisted my ankle myself.

Montie also plays football. He said that he has learned hard lessons after multiple ankle injuries and said it feels good to be able to help others. He also said: "They are really good shoes" and hope the players like it.

That's it, playing on the court, the court is full of friendship, and eager to help each other. Parents push their children to exercise hard for many reasons, especially because of the long-term hope of a college scholarship, but the right move is more valuable than any bright spot on the floor. When your child selflessly notices something like this and does his best to help that person, this kind of thing will let you know that you are a parent. And do it quietly, not even a big deal.

A few days later, it was his coach who found out, and the sports director of another school mentioned it publicly. Monty’s coach said that he was proud of this kid and he was proud of his actions, which made their entire community look good.

"The child has a big heart," he


become a

It means that everyone’s things are different, but on the whole, fathers seem to be unable to fully love and raise their little girls when they grow up to be young women. On this year’s International Women’s Day, Steph Curry, Draymond Green and Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr got together to discuss their Life outside of basketball. More specifically, these three people participated in a touching video about

"Being a girl dad just tends to be there, stay around, and think about how men should treat women," Curry shared. "I think for us, we have to be that kind of role model."

For a basketball star, being a girl's father means making sure that he sets a good example for other men. Curry has always received much attention. Using this ability to set an example of kindness and respect can enable him to provide a safer space for daughters and other women all over the world.

My child experienced an unexpected surprise on the 33rd Bday. They didn't know anything, they didn't know how to design shoes, but the treasure hunt puzzled me along the way. Love my unicorns, butterflies and wolves! Bday resonance!

-Stephen Curry (@StephenCurry30)

At home, curry

Reminiscent of the meaning of being a father. No matter who you are, no matter where you are from, father's happiness keeps us going. He explained: "When you walk into the house or pay attention to something they are interested in, the smile on your daughter's face opens up the other side of you." "This is the best thing in the world."

Incredibly, this little girl is already 4 years old! ! ! ! Little girl with dad. Keep the light and bring joy to everyone...

Draymond Green discussed the importance of instilling confidence in his 6-year-old daughter, and Coach Kerr triumphed when discussing his adult daughter. Kerr said: "No matter what I do, my daughter will never do anything wrong."

Kerr discussed the joy of watching your daughter grow up, which in theory we might be afraid of (this happens so quickly.) But in reality, having adult children does not reduce you from becoming a parent The degree will only change the dynamics.

"My daughter, she is getting a law degree," Kerr said proudly. "I don't think I have to empower her. At this point, I think she is the person who inspires and empowers me."


Much like a candy maker. This is actually one of two ways to survive in the cruel candy industry. You either indulge in nostalgia and make candies to remind them of their childhood, or throw a bunch of them

On the "rules", because you don't care at all.

Some people have both, such as Reese's, and they will never stop making the peanut butter cups you know and love. Even seasonal delicacies (eggs are the best, and I will fight anyone who represents trees or pumpkins) will be holiday staples for decades. But they also know how to expand their business. Next month they will sell their first full peanut butter cup-peanut butter cup.

Yes, they will give you the same peanut butter, so you can't put it down, and replace the chocolate shell with...more peanut butter. In some ways, it feels like they are selling you a lump of peanut butter on wrapping paper. But that is the goal here.

Reese's brand manager said that the "ultimate peanut butter fan cup" (by the way, the "fan cup" sounds like some kind of inappropriate trophy) is only suitable for certain groups of people.

She said: "Although it may be shocking to launch a Rees Cup competition with absolutely no chocolate, we have brought some crazy things to true peanut butter fans," she said.

The brand launched the product at the National Peanut Butter Festival (March 1 if you don’t have a calendar), but it will be launched anywhere in April. It will be available in standard, extra-large and miniature formats, but only for a limited time.

Because even some great peanut butter loves must end.

In all

, The dissolution scale of the Toys R Us brand may not be high. But this is still a shame, especially for children in the 90s.

Who among us hasn't grown up wants to be one

Children, suddenly, our own children are deprived of the opportunity to hang out in the store with Jeffrey the giraffe and his friends, the store is full of all possible toys you can imagine? Thank you 2020!

(During the Chapter 11 bankruptcy, the brand’s 700 U.S. stores actually closed in 2018, but still: Thank you 2020!)

Well, it's 2021, and things may get better!

WHP Global has purchased Toys R Us, and according to a press release issued on Monday, they plan to revive the brand and reopen stores in North America.

Yehuda Shmidman, Chairman and CEO of WHP, said: "We are engaged in brand business. Toys R Us is the most credible, trusted and popular toy brand in the world."

. "We are in a year when toys are on fire... and for Toys R Us, the United States is actually a blank canvas."

Of course, the toy did not actually catch fire. He must refer to the fact that for most of the year, children are trapped inside, and to avoid a pandemic, more time is spent on toys than ever before.

These stores may not be your favorite stores, some may be pop-up windows, etc., but they plan to open them before this year's holiday. Therefore, your child can still be a child of Toys R Us after all.

Play with those Christmas lists!

I think this is... inevitable.


, This is the climax of the 10-year journey, starting from "Iron Man", with

A few months after its release, it became the highest-grossing movie of all time. And now, nearly two years later, its victory has disappeared.

Avatar has reappeared, regaining the mantle.

Numbers, as of Saturday, the avatar is $2.8B and Endgame is $2.797. It is very likely that Endgame will take it back, and the two blockbusters may continue to compete for positions in terms of re-releases and IMAX screenings. Avatar director James Cameron also has plans for multiple "Avatar" sequels (to be launched sometime in this century), and the revival that these plans may bring to his predecessors.

The good news is that the Cameron and Russo brothers who directed Endgame didn't seem to feel any sadness. When Endgame prevented him from coming, Cameron congratulated his opponent, and now Russos has done the same for him with @BossLogic's exquisite work.

The tweet read: "Pass the gloves to [email protected] Thank you @Bosslogic for the beautiful art."

check it out:

Pass the gloves to you...

Thank you for your beautiful art


-Russo Brothers (@Russo_Brothers)

No one will be happy when your child is not sleeping. A child with nightmares is enough to stop everything as usual. Generally, the remedy has never been as simple as using "monster spray" to clear the room. Sometimes this means sleeping on the floor of their bedroom or letting them sleep in bed. Annnnnnnd no one is sleeping well now.

A father becomes more creative and can help his daughter have nightmares. He produced with one of her favorite music groups

Just for her, then record it

Rick Kane is a music teacher in Pennsylvania. When his 5-year-old daughter Roslyn started having nightmares, he got in touch with the British choir Rick. His The daughter became a fan. They found them on the Internet throughout the summer (of course because the shanty towns in the ocean made them more popular), and since then, Roslin and her sister have become fans.

Facing the sleepless night, Rick reached out on a whim, hoping that they might be willing to help. The band was a big success and made a lullaby specifically for the two girls.

"Roslyn, Evelyn, sing good night/Roslyn, Evelyn, close your eyes/The sweetest dream, all warm and bright/Roslyn Evelyn, sing good night."

The person in charge of the choir said that the group really received this request and began to perfect the lullaby with simple lyrics. He said that this lifted their spirits and Bristol MAN Chorus performed the song with their stuffed animals. Rick said it was the same for his daughters, and Rosyln finally slept better.

There are many ways to deal with children with insomnia. At one end of the spectrum, I yelled "Uh go to sleep!" On the other hand, I arranged personalized lullabies from choirs all over the world. Feel free to choose which way to do what suits you best.

The whole festival revolves around

Bring people together. People with nothing else in common united to celebrate the music that moved them forward-once they are adults, hardly any bond will happen so quickly and purely. Although many of us try to share our favorite music with children, it is not always possible. But this TikTok dad proved that maybe

. Very early.

Marcel Desobeau, father and firefighter from Texas

. When his daughter Lane was born, he started sharing his favorite tunes with her, and then every father's dream came true – Lane freaking liked it.

In January 2021, Desobeau shared a video of himself and Lane, which was broadcast to Slipknot's "All Out Life"

, The video has been viewed more than 750,000 times. Desobeau helped Lane hold a pair of drumsticks and went all out. When the music exploded in the background, he opened the lyrics, moved his head, and moved the drumsticks to the beat. Lane grinned, the whole production process excited him.

An audience commented: "Now on behalf of everyone here...we ask you to do more things at once...please...thank you."

De Sobo heard the cheers of his new fans, and it didn't stop there. The father-daughter duo collided with the Great Days Grace, a pile of slip knots, Limp Bizkit, etc. Dad keeps the rhythm, Ryan keeps cute.

Now, the two have more than 200,000 followers on TikTok, and even when they appeared on the Drew Barrymore Show, they even received a virtual interview from Travis Barker of Blink 182. Although Marcel and Lane’s unique and cute videos quickly caught people’s attention, the most important thing was their fun together.

When Desobeau attended Drew Barrymore's performance, he explained: "This is what I like to do, and it is something I will continue to do every day."

Wrestling legends turn actors

How much love you have for him is vocal

. The Rock shared pictures and videos on social media, highlighting his passion for parenting and reminding us that even the seemingly average moments

. On International Women’s Day, the three-year-old father came to Instagram again to share important information with his two-year-old and the world.

In the cute video of The Rock, he held 2-year-old Tiana in his arms and gave her an inspiring and inspiring speech. "Can you say,'Am I a beautiful girl?'" Dwayne started, and Tiana responded softly, "I'm a beautiful girl."

"This is correct!" The proud father encouraged. "Even more important than that is that you can say,'Am I a great girl?' and Tiana replied cutely,'Gothic girl'."

The precious two continue, Tiana admits that she is both a smart girl (a very smart girl) and can do anything.

Dwayne glanced at his wife who was outside the camera before trying to sneak into his wife again, but this time, it was only for him. "Dad is the best," Rock tried to be inspired by the success of his inspiring speech. "Asshole!" Throughout the video, Tiana said the only thing she really meant.

"What? No...Mom?" He repeated, dealing with the cute and completely unintentional burn. "No, it's just... Dad is the best," he said with a smile at the camera.

Although it may seem foolish for a 2-year-old to absorb such morale boost, you will never be too young to start building confidence in yourself. Dwayne Johnson has endured great ordeal throughout his life. If he hadn't been conceited, he might have walked along today's road a million times. The meaning they represent is more important than the words themselves: Rock wants to make sure his children love themselves unconditionally.

"She can say'Awthum gurl' all day long... as long as she knows she is great, that's important," The Rock added subtitles to its title. "And her declarative murderer! In the end, the deal went well-she knows who the real boss is."

I don't know anything about Bitcoin. That’s not right: I know this is a cryptocurrency, and I know its value is changeable, and I know

There are some. That's it.

To be honest, most of us don't really need to know much. This is a financial brothers transaction. I am too busy to survive, so I don't have to worry about the future of currency. This may be short-sighted to me, but in terms of daily life,

It didn't really play a big role.

However, if the artist follows the leadership of King Leon, that may change.

Last week, the Southern Rock Band released their seventh studio album in a whole new way. No, according to

, The album is released in the form of a non-fungible token (NFT), which is a cryptocurrency that does not hold actual currency, but holds assets such as art, tickets or music. They are the first band ever to release an album in this way.

In fact, KoL has issued three irreplaceable tokens as part of a series they call "NFT Yourself". This is a special album package, one of which contains concert-related items such as life’s In the front row of seats, there is one more just audiovisual art. NFT was created by YellowHeart, whose mission is to use blockchain technology in music and fans.

Don't worry, you can still get albums through Apple, Spotify, Amazon through the old or new ways, but you can only get special treatment through NFT, including limited-release vinyl records. This will cost you $50.

YellowHeart CEO Katz said to the Rolling Stones: "In the past 20 years-two decades have been lost-we have seen music depreciate." "Music has become outstanding in everything but selling music. At the lowest point, you can use everything for the least amount of money. Previously, it cost $20 to buy a song."

He believes that the release of King Leon is the future. "This is the early stage, but in the future, I think this will be the way people release tracks: when they sell $100,000 per dollar, they only make $100,000."

I hardly understand most of this article or anything YellowHeart does, but hey, they are more powerful. The future is now?

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