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I want to give you better news, but the truth is-back.

Rather than a good version. This is more like an ugly interpretation of pain. There are some sufferings that cannot be implied when they are not desired.

I have two epidural injections on my back, and I remain optimistic, thinking that the last injection will do the job!

The first one worked for a few months and then began to wear. The second one lasted for a few weeks, and then it made a reasonable request to the old body, and then left the stage.

On the first day of epidural anesthesia, no matter how good the body feels, you must persist. People always hope to create miracles on the second day, and on the third day, people always realize that we are no longer what we used to be. We had better listen to common sense and sit on a spell.

I wash clothes on the rolling chair, I pick up the debris on the floor with my long grasping hand, I am ready to buy a walking stick and use it to beat my handsome husband Pat.

"Why are you beating Pat?" you might ask.

This is a very good question, and I will answer it like this: "Because he is becoming a mouth-like whiplash."

Pat has not retired yet. Saying this will cause me trouble, but if I don’t do this, I will still be in trouble because I wrote about his one-hour holiday extension on the Monday after the New Year.

I know he is not retired because the phone keeps ringing, the email keeps coming in, and the invoice keeps sliding on my desk.

Back in time-was it 30 years ago or the past few months? I used to sit in an office chair and pay all the bills. Mine, how could they pile up so high. I will type in the spreadsheet and find all the contents of Pat.

But because the back is back, and will not give the mouse a comfortable office space, so every time I sit on that office chair, she will suit herself.

Then, in recognition of the strength of my immediate family and me, I received a rose gold laptop at Christmas. I call her Rosie.

Oh, what a gem! She allows me to easily complete my paperwork from the reclining chair with the backrest, and can lift my feet. It sounds like no big deal, but the ankle season is approaching and some of us need to consider the shape of sandals!

In order to complete enough paperwork while being efficient, I also need some writing space and a place for pens, paper clips and staplers.

I have been in heaven until a recent weekend, when our oldest and smart son Vernon came home and snatched Rosie from my clutch bag. He likes her speed and charm, and he likes to make sure that I give her proper care.

The young guy didn't need my lap desk, so he left it alone on the coffee table.

"Is that for our new grandparents?" My Pat asked when he walked into the room.

"What?" I asked.

"That high chair tray?"

"That's mother's," Vernon didn't look up when he replied.

"Why does mother need a high chair tray? Is it a molar ring or a small tissue pack for her?"

You know, I don't think I don't want that man to retire after all.

Lori Clinch is from North Platte. She is the mother of four sons. Her email address is


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