Brighton Best Acquires Ironclad Performance Wear, Australia Fastener Supplier | Industrial Distribution

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Brighton Best International has acquired Ironclad Performance Wear, a supplier of PPE gloves, and Koala Nails, a supplier of construction fasteners, for an undisclosed amount.

Brighton Best International has made two acquisitions in recent weeks.

Texas Farmers Division

— A high-performance hand safety solution provider announced on Wednesday that it has been acquired by BBI, but the amount was not disclosed.

Ironclad was originally established in 1998 and is located in El Sugundo, California. It specializes in the production of PPE gloves for specific tasks, suitable for oil and gas extraction, automobiles, police, fire, first responders and other industries. Ironclad gloves can be purchased from industrial suppliers, hardware stores, home centers, lumber yards, auto shops and sporting goods retailers across the country, as well as authorized distributors around the world.

"One of the original Ironclad employees" Eric Jaeger said: "The entire Ironclad team is very happy to work with our new boss." "BBI will bring new funding and wider access The market approach helps us accelerate market growth."

Founded in Cincinnati, Ohio, headquartered in Taiwan,

Is a global distributor of industrial and construction fasteners. It has more than 31 locations and 2.4 million square feet of warehouse space. Ironclad pointed out in the press release that BBI is "using the distribution capabilities of fasteners and seeking to expand products beyond fasteners to higher-value products including hand tools and safety products."

BBI President Xu Jun said: "Combining BBI's distribution and logistics capabilities with Ironclad's strength in glove product design and marketing, BBI believes that the advantage of the two companies is that they can jointly create more than their total. ".

BBI also completed the acquisition of Girraween, New South Wales, Australia

, The supplier of construction fasteners.

Koala Nails started operations in 1981. Operating in three warehouses, its product line includes: proofing screws, loose screws, frame nails, plastic sheets and wire-aligned coil nails, proofing nails, proofing staples, pneumatic staplers and staples, nylon nails -Its plug and Mickey pin, split drive anchor, wire anchor and hammer drive alloy anchor.

BBI said in a website post on October 31: "Koala Nails bring a new level of professionalism to the construction fastener industry in Australia and the United States." "We are very happy to welcome our family of companies to this new member. "

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