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For the main exterior wall DIY work, loft conversion and expansion extension, the best nail gun is essential, not luxury.


lam! lam! lam! Now it's time to show Wood who owns these powerful nail guns. If you are in the nail gun market, then you either have an impressive DIY project on the go, or feel a little trivial, and need the most violent masculinity tools to solve some kind of balance problem driven by testosterone.

The nail gun is a tool that should have a free beard and some knuckle tattoos. It uses gas or compressed air to forcefully hit nails and other fixing devices in order to quickly complete the work of installing skirting boards or quickly building wooden structures.

There are many different types of nails, most of which require considerable knowledge to operate safely and correctly.

These include the most common Brad Nailer (often smaller and easier to operate), heavy-duty coil nail guns, full-size Finishing Nailers, and various large staplers and nailing tools.

In short, it depends on the size of the nail (32-90mm nails are most commonly used) and the job at hand, because the nails are designed to be straight and angled depending on the application.

In addition, please pay attention to wireless (battery-powered) or wired, which will need to be plugged into the socket, and when the wire interferes with the work at hand and the wire that requires air, it may seem a bit clumsy.

There are also themes of "collision" and "sequence" trigger modes. The former fires a nail when the gun head hits the surface, while the latter requires the trigger to be pulled. More professional users may want to adjust the depth of the nail into the wood, so please peel off your eyes to prepare the depth adjustment wheel. 

It's easy to spray more than £500 on a durable nail gun, but for many people, it's only used very little when the ugly head is lifted for larger DIY projects.

This is why we highly recommend VonHaus’ very reasonable 2-in-1 nails and staple gun, which benefits from wireless battery power and the ability to fire much cheaper 50mm nails, which are usually sufficient for most jobs .

It has a smooth action trigger switch, with two firing modes-click firing mode (for precise placement) and contact firing mode (for faster and more convenient firing)-depth control adjustment and convenient bottom loading box.

We found that the battery is charged quickly (approximately 45 to 50 minutes) and lasts for a long time, and the two-stage safety trigger device means that awkward nail accidents can be avoided.

Those who are bitten by nails may find that they need more strength and higher performance to drive larger and larger nails into harder and harder materials and surfaces.

Say hello to this Milwaukee beef cake, which uses a Marco compact Powerstate brushless motor that can completely sink a 63mm nail into solid oak with zero acceleration time (read: waiting time).

The powerful 5.0ah battery pack can not only be split at will, it can also provide unparalleled power and running time, thus avoiding messy gas cylinders and maintenance work.

The price may postpone the price of your casual DIY toy, but it is built for trading considerations and it will happily save time, money and energy throughout the day.

In order to obtain a simple, easy and maintenance-free DIY experience, it is difficult to troubleshoot the power tools currently provided by Ryobi.

They benefit from using the same battery throughout the entire range (although the tools are usually only priced on the body), and the manufacturing quality and reliability are excellent.

This 18-gauge nail gun is light in weight and is usually suitable for precision work as well as smaller wood projects and decoration work. Brads are small and can't really do heavy lifting work, but they don't cause confusion, making them easy to complete with a professional feel.

Ingenious technology, including a neat low-nail indicator and a tool-free paper jam release mechanism, makes it truly easy to install and use, while its lightweight body makes it easy to operate and more powerful than some of the more powerful tools on the list. Easily accessible.

This Tacwise model brings things back to the old days, when lithium-ion batteries were not the default power source, and convenient people had to carry 60-100 PSI air compressors with them.

Its advantage is that the model is very light and reliable, but it can drive some very heavy 20-50mm No. 18 nails, suitable for light to medium weight work and outdoor use.

However, the air hose can be a bit annoying, and a separate compressor will become part of the budget. Otherwise, it is an affordable and reliable solution.

If you only need to complete light nails and binding work, you shouldn't spend money on one of the professional weapons listed here. Instead, thanks to Stanley's simple driver unit, a small amount of interior fixation or smaller binding work can be performed in a short time.

The weight is only 1.1 kg, which is much lighter than any other product we mentioned in this list, but the disadvantage is that it can only really handle 15 mm nails and 10 mm staples, which is actually only enough The lightweight material is fixed to the soft surface.

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