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For most of us, the illusion of looking for buried treasure disappeared with others

Enthusiasm is high, such as entering the Guinness Book of World Records because of the construction of the largest pillow fortress known to mankind. But this is not necessary. With a suitable metal detector, a little patience and some historical knowledge, anyone can dig out hundreds of years of history

And long-lost coins (or at least there is a better chance of finding the lost earrings in the grass). Of course, some locations are more suitable for metal detection than others. Croatian detective expert Branko Barisic said: "There is a big difference between investigating in Europe and investigating in the United States."

On his Instagram page

He said: "I found that most coins that people find with detectors in the United States are hundreds of years old, but in Europe, Roman coins with a history of 2000 years are usually found."

This is not to say that there is nothing interesting to reveal the situation in the United States. Brad Martin

His YouTube channel highlights some of his outstanding discoveries, including some Spanish gold in the mountains of Vermont. select

He said this is very important. People looking for gold jewelry on the saltwater beach should choose a different machine from those looking for old coins in the park. "My suggestion is to go to the local

Go shopping and chat, they will know the best area for you. "Before you do, to help you familiarize yourself with the top metal detectors on the market (some of which can handle all types of terrain), we invite Barisic, Martin and five other experienced detectors from the United States and Europe Device experts talk about the metal detectors they started using and what they are using now. They also suggest that you need other equipment to get the treasure out of the dirt and return home safely.

According to Martin, the more expensive the machine, the better it can distinguish

And treasure. Although you shouldn't spend thousands of dollars on the first metal detector, you don't want to be too cheap. Martin said: "From well-known brands (such as


, with

Will save a lot of time and disappointment at the scene. "For Barisic, location is more important than the imagination of the detector. "In a good geographical location, you can find amazing things with a cheap metal detector, but in a bad geographical location, even if you use the world The best detector, you won’t find anything. "Chambers and Martin both said that the best attractions are those places where the ground has not been disturbed for a long time."

The arable land was turned over, making certain items too deep to be detected. "Martin said. Many detectives look at old maps to find the ruins of old houses, and even ask for permission to find treasures in old houses that are about to be demolished. The farm where Chambers often cultivated here is a historical hot spot. It has only been cultivated in the last 30 years. It used to be a noble deer park, members of the royal family, Dukes University and Earls University have visited it, before that, it was adjacent to a famous Roman road, and there are other Rome nearby. Villas and residential areas.

Barisic started his scouting career with the Garrett Ace 250, which he said is not complicated or inconvenient to carry. He said: "For money, this is great because it has a notch recognition function" (this function allows you to choose the type of metal you want to locate) "There are five search modes, and many other functions." According to According to detectives in Connecticut, the search coil of this model is waterproof to 9 inches.

I have been passionate about metal detection since the age of 14, so it is very suitable for practicing on the beach. If your budget cannot accommodate 250,

It has many of the same functions, but the price is slightly lower.

according to

, A detective with more than 50 years of experience, hosts every year

For underwater hunting in New Hampshire and the Caribbean, Minelab Vanquish 440 has everything a beginner needs. It is lightweight, foldable, and uses multi-frequency technology, allowing you to search for silver, gold,

, And more. It provides you with ID and depth readings, thus saving the time and heartache of deep digging only the remaining nails. Like Garrett Ace, it has a waterproof search coil (submersible to three feet), so you can explore beaches, streams and riverbeds.

Chambers, Kropiwiec and Streeter are all fans of Minelab Equinox 800. Streeter described the interface as intuitive and said that it can detect more deeply and provide more options than Garrett Ace and Minelab Vanquish. It uses Minelab's multi-frequency technology for ultra-sensitive detection, and allows you to select from four detection modes (park, field, beach,

). It has a battery life of up to 12 hours and is waterproof up to 10 feet, depending on which

The product you buy can also be equipped with wireless headphones (to help you hear the search tone without distracting the environment) and a precise locator to help you find the target and pass through the soil.

The three experts we talked to-Martin, Barisic, and Kropiwiec-all liked this metal detector because of its high frequency, and it is effective for small items and low-conductivity items (such as alloys or very thin items). Higher sensitivity.

. According to Barisic, who recently started using XP Deus, it is more accurate than his previous Garrett AT Max and can detect a deeper range. Kropiwitz said that "Doom" will last a long time and maintain its value. It is an expert metal detector with a large number of customizable functions and can be used on any terrain, including wet sand, dry sand, relics and coin search modes. It has a battery life of up to 27 hours and is completely waterproof. In addition, the company frequently updates its software and provides software upgrades that can be downloaded for free for life.

Thompson has used Minelab CTX 3030 throughout the Northeast and has detected travel in England. He said: "Minelab is a manufacturer of military-grade metal detectors on the battlefield. They have been manufacturing metal detectors for quite some time." He believes that CTX 3030 is one of the deepest detectors on the market and said that he has used it. It came to find Roman brooches, Spanish silver real coins,

, Necklaces, bracelets and so on. Like XP Deus, this metal detector also has a large number of customizable settings and is completely waterproof within ten feet. It has a full-color LCD screen that allows you to see multiple objects underground at one time, so you can distinguish the good things in the trash. It comes with wireless headphones and built-in wireless speakers, which you can clip on a belt.

If you have one

For those who are eager to discover the treasure, Martin recommends providing them with Minelab Go-Find66. It is powerful, lightweight and foldable, and it syncs with your smartphone through apps that can help you identify the discovery. Since the search coil is waterproof, children can dig loose sand on the beach before entering more difficult terrain.

All the experts we talked to said that with the exception of metal detectors, once you start digging, you will need a precise pointer to help you find the treasure. Thompson likened it to a smaller version of a metal detector that helped prevent him from digging out unnecessary large and messy holes. "You want to dig out something that looks like a trapdoor. Basically, you cut three sides and then tilted the dirt. This way, when you put everything back in place, it’s as if you’ve never been there. ."He said. He with

Detectives in the Northeast use TRX Bullseye waterproof Pin-Pointer from White Electronics. Unfortunately, this particular model is currently sold out everywhere online, but Martin recommends buying this model from XP.

You still need a good

Excavate. Martin and Thompson both recommend this jagged edge, which cuts the turf and roots into thin slices.

Since coins and other artifacts can be very fragile, Chambers and Martin carried a small one with them

A bag filled with water can gently remove dirt and debris without compromising their findings.

Martin also recommends that you make yourself a jeweler's magnifying glass to help you identify Xiaobao.

You will need a safe place to carry what you find. For Martin, that’s the foam lining

Things like this can make your precious legs hair grow until you get home.

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