Best Alice Cooper albums from 'Love it to Death' to 'Detroit Stories'

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Alice Cooper (Alice Cooper) commemorates the 50th anniversary of "Dead in Love", his latest work "Detroit Stories" (Detroit Stories) topped the list. This is the ranking of all 28 albums.

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2021 is the 50th anniversary of Alice Cooper's conquest of the mainstream with "Deadly Loved". This is a breakthrough for platinum, which is largely due to the success of "I am 18".

On March 9th, when he turned 50 years old, Billboard announced that Cooper's latest solo album "Detroit Stories" (Detroit Stories) had ranked first on the Top Album Sales charts.

That was his 28th album, which included seven albums he recorded with Alice Cooper (Alice Cooper). Their journey began in the "Cafe" at Cortez High School in Phoenix.

To celebrate these milestones, here is the countdown to his greatest album, chosen by a longtime fan who had to tell his parents a truly ridiculous lie to watch the 1981 "Special Forces" tour , And then danced as "You and Me" as the first dance at his wedding.

Any list must be subjective, right? So this is a deal. My introduction to Alice Cooper's story is "Alice Cooper Show". This is the scene that my father prepared for me with a very good report card when I was in seventh grade. issued.

From there, I went straight to watch his early classic "Alice Cooper's Favorite" (Cliff's Notes edition). I remember the first new album he released ushered in his new wave era, "refreshing fashion".

Therefore, I can determine the color I am looking for in Alice Cooper.

That being said, this is not a "worst" list. "Raise your fist and yell" is really good. I only have 27 other Alice Cooper albums that I like better.

If I underestimated Cooper's heavy metal inventions in the 1980s, it was because I felt that some of my love for his catalog was lost in translation.

His attempt at the "new wave" is not necessarily correct. This is what makes them so attractive. They are not New Wave records. They are records of Alice Cooper. The way the Rolling Stones tried punk and disco steps was amazing enough.

Cooper's metal material in the 1980s was a spot metal material in the 1980s. This is why it was sold. But as an old-school Cooper fan, how about he just turned 21 when he released "Constrictor"? I miss what I have always heard as Alice Cooper.

I don't like any of his albums. These are just my favorites. I believe you have every reason to believe that your favorites will make a better list. Similarly, you should too.

Cooper’s main collaborator was the muscular paper shredder Kane Roberts, his writing partner on the metalized "constrictor", and the hair-like heartbeat Kip Wenger ( Kip Winger). Roberts' guitar work is a series of hammering diving bombs and tapping firework music, which dominates the entire program, from the opening remarks "Freedom" to "Lock Me", in which there is Freddie Kruger A cameo by actor Robert. Englund and "Prince of Darkness" also appear in John Carpenter's film of the same name (just like Cooper). If there is a flaw in how perfect the sound they are chasing here, it is that it sounds stronger than real 80s metal, not a classic Alice Cooper album.

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This heavy metal concept album turns Cooper into a psychopath, an indomitable darkness who will stalk and kill victims by creating the broken legs needed by human spiders. With the development of the concept album, after setting the background through TV news reports, it did a better job than most people in insisting on the plot: "We found his diary today. He wrote very detailed." The storyline is almost It is impossible to get better development, which can be traced back to "Welcome to my nightmare" in order to get unexpected revelation at the end. Cooper brings the character into a life of horror. What is missing is a distorted sense of humor, which in many ways defines his most enduring attempt at persistence.

The rookie sober singer unexpectedly reinvented himself as a heavy metal percussion machine three years after failing to compose in the arty tune of "DaDa". He even announced his return for the song's song. The original soundtrack of the song is "Friday Part 13: Jason Lives", "He's Back (The Man Behind the Mask)". The track here seems to be an afterthought, his insistence on being driven by the keyboard since the New Wave era. The rest of the album finds that Cooper and the company compete for the glory of gorgeous metals for teenage gems, such as "Thrill My Gorilla" and "Teenage Frankenstein", which allows him to open the album My Head by "I'm the kid on the block" It's made of stone, I have nothing. "

On February 1, 1987, at a concert in the Veterans Stadium, Alice Cooper sang to his pet boa constrictor.

"Dragontown" relives the heavy industrial atmosphere he and his new collaborator Bob Marlette first explored at the "Brutal Planet" last year. Overall, this album has a relaxed touch, a sense of humor, and occasionally dabbles in non-industrial music. In the "Place of Shame", he mounts a horse on Elvis Presley with a shaky track, waving, swinging and trampling in equal amounts, imagining that Elvis is in heaven. "Go to the pearly gate and say,'I am the most fashionable thing'/" Peter said, "Okay, son, you know, we already have a king." He even squeezed into an empathetic ballad In, "Every woman has a name". But most of the tracks here are from "Triggerman" to "I Just Wanna Be God" and "Sentinel" playing villain roles.

Two years after "Trash" showed what he had done since "Welcome to My Nightmare", Cooper returned to the well with the help of friends in the metal world. Ozzy Osbourne, Slash, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Nikki Sixx and Mick Mars are all guests on the album. Their opening repertoire set the tone, and it sounds like an arena crowd singing a chorus before the real gangster voice begins. . Next is a friendly combination of heavy-duty joysticks and soft ballads in the air. "Feed My Frankenstein" is still the main content of his live performances, and appeared in the soundtrack of "Wayne's World" the following year. Cooper's comeback ended with a cameo ending with Wayne and Garth kneeling and chanting "We are not worth it."

Wayne and Garth (Mike Meyers and Dana Carvey) are two stone-throwing men, and their cable TV interview show "Wayne's "Wayne's World" (Wayne's World) was legal and failed.

This is the moment he has been working hard since returning to active duty as "Constrictor". This is the driving force for a comeback and finally reached the status of the biggest single "Poison" on the album and listed "School's Out" as him. The best performance in popular songs. 100. In this album, Cooper perfected his strategy of conquering the metal population by sending Desmond Child, the song doctor, whose calling card list included the wins of Aerosmith, Kiss and Bon Jovi. Since the advent of "Nightmare", Child (Child) co-wrote all the songs in the legendary debut album, but only one became a platinum record. The result was a pop metal victory that sounded like speaking directly to Bon Jovi fans, especially when Jon started to compete with Cooper for high-flying sexual innuendo in the main event.

This album features one of Cooper's biggest singles, and the unabashed romantic "You and Me" (You and Me) ranks 9th. Produced by Bob Ezrin and paired with outstanding guitar works by Steve Hunter and Dick Wagner, "Lace and Whiskey" came out. Wielding the funky hard-rock moves "It's Hot Tonight", and then the highlights are all over the place, from the rattle that pays tribute to his road attendant to the overturned cover of "Ubangi Stomp". The artwork introduces Cooper's new character, the detective named Maurice Escargot (Maurice Escargot) wearing a woolen hat. The love of old movies turned the lyrics into the "king of the screen", where the workaholic convinced himself, "If I was born again, I could have become Valentino."

His weirdest effort began at the end of his playing Zorro, ending with "I'm still alive (that's the day my dead pet returned to save my life)", and the drummer inserted the position of each syllable in parentheses. The weirdest track is "No Baloney Homosapiens", in which he encourages aliens to avoid eating us. This was not long before he was sober, which is what he now refers to as the "blackout" period. Some tracks are actually serious. However, the highlights are cut from more interesting fabrics, from the new wave rock duo with Patty Donahue, the waitress in "Girls", to "You are not Hepburn, I am not Fonda "The rhyming song. And use "But if you are drowned" in Golden Ponda. "

This postcard during his "power outage" was hardly as weird as the "zipper". It followed "Flush the Fashion" and shared the sensitivity of New Wave with the album (if slightly different). If it weren't for the rock synthesizer, the cover of Los Angeles-based rock and roll legend Love's "Seven and Seven Are" would be shockingly faithful. The robot "You're a Movie" is the robot that best conveys the Gary Numan atmosphere of "clones (we are all)" in this movie. But the weird phenomena of the 1980s abound, ranging from the "most beautiful policeman" to the tight sugar wave of "Don't Talk to Me" and "You want it, you got it". A huge blow. It's hard to say why there is a live-recorded "Billion Dollar Baby" classic "Generation Landslide" being mixed into the mix, but it can work.

This is the second album composed by Alice Cooper, whose name involves both the singer and the band. Bassist Benist Dunnis Dunaway said that they hurriedly recorded before they were ready, and a lot of what you hear was produced on the spot, Neil Young's producer David David Briggs captured these sounds enthusiastically. However, "Easy Action" performed surprisingly. This is a weird, fascinating document that shows that they have transitioned from the psychedelic craziness of the first album to the lean and thin appearance in the next album "Love It to Death". Rock music machine. "(They were with Ezrin first). The sense of popularity that made them famous is already evident in highlights such as "Shoe Salesman," "Mr. and Mr. Contempt," and "Laughing at Me." Weirdness is the real source of inspiration, and Competitions are often exciting, especially the late Glen Buxton's alternative Technicolor protagonist.

The "Mengm" sequel opens on the neoclassical piano part, which sets the tone for "Steven" on the original "Mengight". Before finishing this single, "Nightmare" guitarist Steve Hunter performed a solo. The other three surviving members of the Alice Cooper group wrote and recorded three songs. Since the album was released, Cooper has never worked with him again until he flew solo with "Mengm". Ezrin of the original "Nightmare" returns to the producer's chair for the first time since "DaDa". Therefore, many things about this album are to eliminate the "nightmare" itch. But most of the songs are actually closer in spirit (and sound) to his later works. For example, the corkscrew quoting "Steven" was co-authored with the son of his "trash" collaborator. He reviewed the alternative rock vibe in "The Last Temptation" in 1994, and at the same time passed the 21st century automatic The music festival filtered his voice tone. Touring guitarist Tommy Henriksen co-wrote half of this album.

After Ezrin is produced, you will feel the absolute feeling, from the moment the guitar played with your fingers is touched by the high-pitched chords and the flying lead guitar in the opening repertoire. Recorded three songs with the other three surviving members of the original band-Dunaway, guitarist Michael Bruce and drummer Neal Smith-they gave up the challenge recklessly, got rid of the challenge of "Rats", and emphasized the aroma in the game, Strong aroma. The charm of a "real American girl". Dunaway also appeared in the hard-driving "Fireball" (Fireball), which is the highlight of the space rock flavours he co-authored with Cooper, and the library of "Herring Psychedelic Songs" Cooper wrote "The Sound of A" in 1967, until all this was forgotten by him. The bassist played his song, which is a fulfilling song he has recalled for decades.

Just like "Alice Cooper's Eyes" in 2003, "Dirty Diamond" reconnects the singer with the voice and spirit of his early songs, from strong chords and Chuck Berry tunes , To "Popular Woman", and then to "Be Myself" "Perfect" lover swagger. "Sunset Babies (All Got Rabies)" uses guitar improvisation to filter the hottest moments of the Cooper Group’s pop sensitivity. It is carved into the groove like the Stones in the 70s. You will not need to perform a DNA test to know the title. Fuzzy guitar improvisation repertoire is the offspring of the "arrogance" of the Black Sabbath. The album was recorded with members of his touring band, some of whom participated in the writing. This sounds like the work of an actual band, which is key when you want to convey the atmosphere of those records he made in the 70s. It is not clear how the memorable cover of "Pretty Ballerina" on the Left Bank fits the big picture here. But the argument is great.

He spent his latest album to pay tribute to this looming city in Cooper's legend. After all, he was born there. Although he met other founding members of the Alice Cooper group in Phoenix, they shared a farmhouse in the suburbs of Detroit when they recorded "I'm Eighteen." MC5, Stooges, Suzi Quatro and other media yelled and yelled on "Detroit City 2021". This is one of the 10 songs of MC5’s Wayne Kramer (Wayne Kramer) playing guitar (including Cover of MC5's "Sister Anne"). He also covered "Rock" by Velvet Underground in New York City, but used the arrangement Ezrin he used to make the cover of Mitch Ryder's song. And the original book reunited again on the crumbling "social wreckage" and the behemoth "I hate you", and found that they traded insults and commended Buxton, who died in 1997, "But, most importantly, we are full of anger at you. Stay in the empty space on the stage."

There is nothing like cable news that makes people think darker than usual. Cooper praised CNN for planting the seeds to grow into a concept album, and welcomed his audience to a nightmare we already live in. In the title cut, he sang a verse that threw Christians at the lion, which also mentioned "Good Friday" and "The Holocaust." On "Bone Picking", a man from Kosovo that Cooper saw on CNN was putting his family's relics in a pillowcase. According to the Columbine High School Massacre last year, there are two songs. His archer roared on the "evil young man", "I read "My Struggle" every day just to spoil my hatred." This is a cruel planet. Musically speaking, this album is an excellent display of the cruelty of Cooper’s lyrics, and the industrial heavy metal attack is not far from what Rob Zombie did. The only exception is "bring it like a woman." It is a powerful ballad in the song. "Only women shed blood" tradition.

His second solo album began when Cooper was sent to hell. He was told: "You are something that shouldn't have happened." "You even made your grandma sick." This is a condemnation of the ridiculous joke, because only Cooper could or might do it in the 70s. The devil enters a song that sounds a bit like Randy Newman's funk. In the book "When to Rest for Children", he handed over the case to Satan. But when Cooper said: "For heaven's sake...", the devil cut off his feelings with "Looking at your language, child". He sent a postcard to his wife and said: "This is fun/I would have given me souvenirs, but they all have my money." Finally, Cooper realized that this was just another nightmare and made him go home happily." Go all the dirty clothes". The only song that does not fit this concept is a hit song, this shocking reflective soft rock ballad is called "I Never Cry".

Dunaway called it an "accidental album" in his memoirs for a reason. The midnight meeting started with their "producer" Zappa, telling them to run the song while getting the level. After three songs, he announced that he would keep some of the things they did. Soon after, he was released on bail for the proceedings, feeling disgusted, and handing it to the control of Ian Underwood, who played in Zappa's "Mother of Invention". After two days of flying to capture songs, while enjoying every alternative avant-garde indulge, they appeared with an experimental psychedelic peculiarity, still sounding like falling from another planet (or Syd Barrett's apartment) of. Bruce used songs composed on the spot to set the tune, sounding like he thought the organ on "Titanic" would be played when it sank. Moreover, it will only become stranger from there, its psychedelic whimsical flight masks alternative jokes and sound pranks, while Buxton flies wild and free. Here is it possible that Alice Cooper has taken the masses, but the hook "reflected" has been changed to use "elected" three years after hitting.

His first concept album in ten years gave up the fascinating metal traps of "Trash" and "Hey Stoopid", because the chaotic sound makes it seem worthwhile to wobble with "Nightmare" rockers (especially "Sideshow"). Young modern rock radio listeners, including two collaborations with Soundgarden lead singer Chris Cornell, and wonderful waltz space-time ballads about monsters in the closet (and under the bed). "Sideshow" was a wonderful way to create Cooper records, and Dylanesque's circus fable ("Humpbacked dwarf and his twisted friend?!!!") gave it to the chorus. And "This is me" is clearly one of Cooper's most powerful ballads. But is this song going to beat it? "Lost America", this is a sigh of wise teenagers in the 1990s. Consider the following scripture: "I can’t go to school because I don’t have a gun/I don’t have a gun because I don’t have a job/I don’t have a job because I can’t go to school/So I’m looking for a girl with a gun and a job/a house /With cable." He couldn't even think of a rhyming word.

This is a concept album, roughly based on months of alcoholism in a nursing home. The lyrics on the "From the Inside" album were created in collaboration with Elton John's songwriting partner Bernie Taupin. And the cool thing is that you can hear both sounds in the mix. Two of John's other colleagues-guitarist Davey Johnstone (Davey Johnstone) and bassist Dee Murray-both listed dozens of members in the award. But guitarist Dick Wagner (Dick Wagner) in Cooper (Cooper) history can be traced back to participating in the "School's Out" album, he wrote almost every song together. Therefore, it is not far from the music style of his other solo works in the 70s, from the main single bass drum rock to his latest soft rock single "How You Gonna See Me Now", and the album "We're All". "Crazy" is an opera masterpiece. As the title of the last song implies, despite the theme and his fragility in the single, the album takes itself very seriously. The album cover (door cover with Cooper's face on the shelter door) is as iconic as the "School's Out" table and underwear.

Ushering in the millennium after the "eighteenth century", the most difficult moment of his career became his second album. He took this album to recombine the spirit of his earlier work. When recording live with his touring band members, the best songs here filter out the indelible powerful melody through classic garage rock and the punk style of 90s alternatives, and take time to play the gentle "Be With You Awhile" ballad. Cooper has lost his sense of humor because of "Cruel Planet", and most of "Dragon City" is in the center here. In the opening song, he told a dissatisfied woman, "Take you to Target for a birthday meal. I signed you'Buns of Steel'. What's wrong? I have given you everything. You want to take you from me What do you get here?'"

The theme song of the sex-obsessed "Muscle of Love" is an impromptu victory, which fully illustrates the anxiety and glory of those embarrassing teenage years, just like any rock song, because "I am eighteen." Another classic song was sent to the wobbly girl's lament "Greatest Hits", which explored the shortcomings of that era-the back vocals with a gospel flavor added magic to the magic. Other highlights include everything from "Workin' Up Sweat" (which includes some stupid (good) lyrics by Cooper to emphasize the sexual revolution) to the opening song of "Big Apple Dreamin (Hippo)", where a pair of boring young Ohioans The couple dreamed of moving to Manhattan. It turned out that this was the last stop of the original band, when Cooper praised this effort as a "rooted album." Compared to the brilliance of the "Billion Dollar Babies" studio, this is a clear retreat, but I would call it "primitive" without hesitation. This is the first release since Ezrin (although Ezrin co-produced "Love it to Death" and "Killer" co-produced with Jack Douglas in the movie "The Killer"), not Ezrin. It is packed in a corrugated box filled with artificial grease and oil stains.

Love's muscle album cover

It is not as weird as the "zipper scratching skin", another huge commercial disappointment left Cooper with no manufacturing memory. However, this is still weird-the new wave/art rock hybrid turns a person's downward spiral into madness (a clear example is "write what you know"). This also marked the return of Ezlin's first Cooper album in six years. At the beginning, the baby said "Dada" for nearly five minutes. At the end, the baby's father talked to the therapist, reminiscent of Pink Floyd. Since the last release of Cooper Records, Ezlin has been Created "The Great Wall" for it. On the second track, the now-grown son confronts his father and asks "What do you do to your mother?" In "Ex-Lee Warmer", we meet his brother, who is locked upstairs. in the room. The plot is lost all the way, Cooper breaks the role of Santa Claus, leaves the shopping mall to have sex, and a cartoon-like patriot shares all his love for the United States ("I love that mountain, those four big heads/ I love Velveeta slapped the wonder bread"). But this only adds to the charm of this weird masterpiece.

Does Cooper sound more like a shameless Kary Numan imitation than in "The Clones (We All)"? After all, he is playing a clone. Moreover, his cold, automatically transmitted content does make the family lyrics look like dystopia, like "We destroyed the government/we are wasting time/no more problems on the way". As for the album? This is the trendiest of New Cooper's several attempts. It sounds like he wore a tight tie to work. After setting the tone for a subversive post-punk reinvention of the garage rock chestnut "Talk Talk" of the music machine, Cooper traversed the quirky synths and jagged chords of "Clones" and "Aspirin" New Wave’s "shadow damage" to the beating rock atmosphere of "leather boots" and the punk-like shy abandonment of the dark comics "nuclear infection". It sounds like Cooper is very happy. From "aspirin damage" ("Sometimes I find myself Taking it out of the drugs") to "Dancing to death", in which someone plays a child embarrassed by his parents, it is hard to imagine that no one would provide these lyrics.'New wave makeover ("Mom's hair is all green) And dirty/she is wearing a high-tech Devo suit").

From the opening improvisation to the elementary school chorus, the title piece is Cooper’s most iconic contribution to the history of rock music, and he especially praised the ending of the verse ending with a singer-level genius: "We can't even think of that rhyming word." Indeed. This is not a concept album, but before he returned to class, at the last bell rang, he presented two more classic albums to his school day. In "Public Animal No. 9", he recalled the trouble he and Buxton had caused ("Me and GB, we will never admit/we cheated in math test/engraved on our desk Some swear words, now it’s time to rest”). The bittersweet Beatles "Alma Mater" greeted Corpus High School (Cooper meets Buxton and Dunaway) and Carmel Buck (where Smith attended high school). From "West Side Story" (West Side Story) slipped away teenage street gang songs, to "Gutter Cat vs. the Jets" (Gutter Cat vs. the Jets) sound close enough to be considered conceptually Tolerance. But "Luney Tune", "Blue Turk" and "My Stars" have little to do with the school. It's ok. They won their place by virtue of their outstanding songs.

Cooper's solo debut was produced by Ezrin and experienced the nightmare of a twisted boy named Steven. After introducing the nightmare in the disco-flavored title song to the audience, he brought a creepy monologue produced by horror movie legend Vincent Price (Vincent Price) to pay tribute to the black widow and praise her "Innately need to rule, own." With the development of the arrangement, Price shared his personal philosophy: "Humanity is already a stumbling, demented child king, and rules the entire world. As his empire collapses, my precious black widow Will rise up and become his most suitable successor!" Outstanding. Other highlights include everything from the unlikely pop song "Only Women Bleed" (a heartbreaking portrait in a distressing lover's relationship) to "Cold Ethyl" (a turbulent love song) to a woman who died of a cold. In the second half of the album, the narrative delves into Steven’s story with an epic three-song set. This song begins with "Years Ago" and was only closed by Steven Stevens many years ago. Appeared at the carnival, "All my toys are broken, so am I in there?", it sounds like a haunted house. When his mother's voice pulled him out of the reverie, things got even crazier.

Cooper and his teammates achieved high success at the "School's Out" music festival, where they achieved their first No. 1 victory. In the UK, Ezrin established with guest guitarists Hunter, Wagner and Mick Mashbir. The huge sound wall (while still leaving enough room) allows Dunaway to relax your jaw through bass work). This is their largest and most magnificent sounding record yet, choosing from the opener, welcoming the audience "This is the dream to come here" through such elaborate "elections" and "unfinished sweets" to their own The creepy moment is not yet, "I love the dead." The first three singles-"Elected," Rolfkamp's "Hello, Long Live" and "No More Good Men" covers-went to the top 40 in The American and Top 10 British title tracks feature brilliant guest voices from Donovan. When Cooper was worried that your little head would fall into his hands while dancing, he performed a simulated and dramatic recitation of the lyrics in Cooper's voice. The end result of all the dark comic gallows humor emphasized by Sugared Hook is not less than their highest achievement, because the band is most likely to cause fear in the hearts of the Central American PTA around 73 years ago.

It’s safe to say that the reason we are still talking about Alice Cooper 50 years after the release of this album is that it brought the singer and his band members a breakthrough they desperately needed because they failed to use their first two albums Arouse the attention of the world. This is their first album with Ezrin. Ezrin performed in Max’s Kansas City and persuaded his boss to take over them and spent an afternoon helping them find the hit song and hide it in his original Think of it as "I'm Edgy" in the epic poem. "I'm 18" became their song on their way to becoming a superstar-this song is a national anthem about the dullness that began to form lines on your face and hands at the age of 18. "I'm 18" may be the only hit song on the album, but there are several other strong competitors, especially "My Body" and "Dream Dream". However, it is the way these songs are offset by the superb fare that makes them masterpieces, from the artistic punk frenzy launched by the to "Black Juju" to the stage set film "Dalight Fry" that Cooper signed from the stage. Ballad of Dwight Fry. Intensive care unit.

It’s really surprising that this album spread to the streets less than nine months after it conquered the mainstream with "Love to to Death". This is indeed the case for all "killers" (no fillers). When it exploded with "Under My Wheels" (sounds under impact), the guitar tumbling drums while braking, screaming and screaming, and then Cooper took The harsh ridicule "The phone rang" / Let me drive / I drive and now / Anticipatin is funny. "Of course the woman is dead. But the bodies tend to pile up on Alice Cooper's album. "Under My Wheels" is followed by the stunning rock of the album's second single "Be My Lover," in which Cooper sings, " I told her that I was from Detroit and I played on a long hair guitar. The rock band/she asked me why the singer’s name was Alice/I said: “Listen, baby, you really don’t understand.” From there, they walked past obvious highlights such as “Halo”. Epic A collection of avant-garde rock music, "Desperado", is the lament of the killer, "Dead Babies", which is a warning story about the dangers of bad parenting. Strangely, the Beatles .

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