Adrian Smith + Richie Kotzen Debut Heavy New Song 'Running'

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Smith / Kotzen, a collaborative project between


And the famous blues guitarist

Lead singer

The lyrics video has just been released for the third single "Running" of the upcoming debut album.

"Running" followed by "

" with"

"And it's easily the heaviest of the three, with a burly, bench-press rhythm improvisation, which is particularly suitable for a gentle after ensemble after returning in subsequent verses. Fans are treated as two complementary The solo treatment shows the specialties of each guitarist-melody and blues.

"This is a very cool way of driving. It is the heavier one in the album. We are very happy to release it before the album is released." Smith commented. "So far, both of us are very excited about the reaction to the music, and I hope to see you soon and write more songs together.

Kotzen added: "'Running' is the first song composed by Adrian. Adrian brought that heavy improvisation, which reminds me of my life as a chorus.'Running' is undoubtedly my first song. The three favorites on

For the album, I really look forward to live performances. "

Therefore, there is some additional good news-live broadcast plans!


The album will be released on March 26. Please book

, Read the lyrics of "Running" directly below, and listen to the new song at the bottom of the page.

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