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A kind

Industrialist Samir (Samir) has gone to upgrade mechanical technology to compete with Chinese products

A kind

Samir Goyal

Forum News Service

Amritsar, February 26

The economic slowdown caused by Covid has suppressed market demand and provided enough time for industrialists to focus on technological upgrades.

Therefore, Samir Goyal, the city's leading nut and bolt manufacturer, believes. He established an internal research and development (R&D) facility in his factory to improve product quality to compete with Chinese products. In order to take advantage of this lean patch, he decided to focus on improving the quality of these products. He recently imported a cold head sewing machine at a cost of 1.7 million rupees and a thread rolling machine. The import from Taiwan has reached 1 million rupees, which is qualitatively facing the challenge raised by China.

He exclaimed: "Although our products are cheap, customers ignore its inferior products." As a mechanical engineer-he graduated from the University of Pune in 1992-he will personally operate these machines to improve the production of his department. The standard of the product. To this end, he will be assisted by his son Madhav, who is also a qualified mechanical engineer. 20 workers have been hired.

He believes that in the recently approved budget, raising the import tariff on machinery from 7.50% to 15% will not be conducive to technological upgrading. “Those who wish to upgrade themselves technologically are shocked. It will weaken the “Made in India” program. For MSME, it is impossible to upgrade itself through the quality of domestically produced machines. A simple method is to import these machines from China. It is the cheapest source of these machines. Otherwise, their prices in European countries are very high."

He asserted that the coalition government does not understand the basic knowledge of MSME and its foundation is zero. "It is formulating a policy for small and medium-sized enterprises, taking into account the models in Maharashtra and Gujarat, which are already at a higher level of technology than other parts of the country."

The fact that the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways discovered the uncooperative attitude of large companies to allow MSME to supply construction materials such as torque steel is a beacon of hope for MSME. This may pave the way for renewed interest in them. Due to the frequent fluctuations in steel prices, Goyal accused big companies of raising prices in sync with the international market without any compelling domestic reasons.

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