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A range of new tools for the field, including some wireless options

Expanded its brushless tool product line by adding a new 4 1/2-inch small angle grinder (model CMCG450B). Compared with the company’s products, this product achieves a no-load speed of up to 8500 rpm and provides Up to 65% more powerful 5 1/2-inch, 20-volt wireless devices. According to the manufacturer, it has toggle switches, a tool-free guard and a three-position side handle for versatility, comfort and ease of use.

Moisture meter

The brand said that the new product line has many features, but the price is less than $50. Each hygrometer measures the absolute or relative moisture content of wood or building materials (such as drywall) and can be used to further determine whether the surface is dry enough for painting or joining, as well as to detect hidden leaks behind wood, plaster, and carpet. Provided as a basic needle-type moisture meter (displayed as MM7); a digital needle-free hygrometer (MM8); and a needle/needle-free hygrometer (MM9). 

according to

, Its 3 1/2-inch 21-degree cordless double-sided nail gun (model NR3675DD) that only uses MultiVolt batteries is the only product of its kind on the market, and manual double-sided nails will soon become history. The wireless duplex nail gun uses an air spring drive system and a 36-volt battery, which can generate high output energy and can drive two nails per second, with a pneumatic feel. Metabo says that it has a brushless motor that can extend running time, increase power, and extend durability with almost no maintenance. 

Hand tool manufacturer

Introduced a series of next-generation stud sensors with its proprietary target control technology, which the company says actually eliminates false positive wooden stud indicators. According to Zircon, typical stud sensors are inconsistent and often give false positive stud indications, especially in metal, plastic and wiring, but the SuperScan Kx series of advanced stud finder can analyze complexities from multiple sensors Data flow and control the result at the same time. The size and detection capabilities of this series have been continuously improved from K1 to K4, and each model provides more functions. (Displayed as K3.)

The cordless worm gear saw introduced a TrueHVL high-voltage lithium-ion battery, a brushless motor and a saw blade running at 5800 rpm. The company said that the all-magnesium structure makes the tool lightweight, while the brushless motor responds to challenging applications by increasing power and torque. The saw has an integrated dust removal system and an electric brake. When the trigger is released, the electric brake will quickly stop the rotation of the saw blade.

Designed for roof lining installation,

The manufacturer says its Stinger cap nailer (Model CN100B) weighs 4.9 pounds, is easy to load, has a longer tool life, and uses a complete 1-inch plastic cover for finishing. The tool can hit 200 caps and 200 nails before reloading, using 1-inch electro-galvanized ring-handled round head nails, and has a belt hook, a trigger with a fire and a sequential firing function.

The 9-gallon cordless wet and dry vacuum cleaner (model HD0918) is the latest innovation in its NXT wet and dry vacuum product series. The company stated that the device’s two 18-volt batteries are designed for quick cleaning and convenient work, and it comes with a battery balance circuit that optimizes the use of dual batteries, thereby allowing users to run other cordless wet/dry vacuum cleaners. To double the length, the electric power is similar to it. To wired vacs of the same size.

A new 2 1/2 inch, 15 degree siding nail gun was released to replace its AN611 model. The AN613's trigger and head mechanism weighs 5.1 pounds and provides a more ergonomic ergonomic design designed to reduce air leakage and recoil. The nail gun has a built-in air dust collector, which can remove working materials and tools, and has an exhaust port that can be rotated 360 degrees to guide exhaust gas, as well as a depth adjustment device without tools and a reversible belt hook.

Provide contractors with five different flavors of durable truck boxes to keep tools tidy, safe and readily available

The American Wood Council (AWC) has released an updated version of its free connection calculator. The tool is based on the following regulations:

New collection

Tools and equipment include this cordless 18 gauge...

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