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Gluten-free baking is one thing. Vegan baking is another matter. Do both at the same time? "It's difficult to do this for many scientific reasons," said Lisa Neumann, the baker who co-owns Hark. Cafe with friend and roommate Katherine Pardue. But this did not stop the couple from conducting meticulous formula testing and repeated trials until they determined the flavor and texture of traditional baked goods.

While researching the recipe for the crust, Neumann used too much leftover dough to wound a bit. To use it up, she started making toaster pastries, which were filled with rotating homemade jam. And their appearance and taste are very similar to Pop Tarts.

Everything is homemade, which allows you to better control the variables in the vegan and gluten-free ingredients sold in the market. They mix their own flour mixtures, make their own vegetarian butter, and even make soy milk with butter.

There are other identifiable treatments in the pastry case. The artificial Oreo biscuits are crispy and have a super chocolate feel. Even without gelatin, Rice Krispies-style care nails can melt the tension of marshmallows.

When Neumann talked about children’s memories on the menu, he said: “Since the opening, we have been doing our best to find food that is truly useful to people.” “At this cultural moment, where we are now The location attracts many familiar and pleasant things."

The cafe was originally scheduled to open in December when the pandemic began. The housing and catering cooperatives Neumann and Pardue joined as students of Oberlin College, named after Harkness. And in no case is gluten-free: Pardu suffers from celiac disease.

Padou said: "It's not that we think gluten-free foods are healthier or something similar." "That's my life." (Sharin Jackson)

After two weeks of deep freezing, it was at this point in winter that I began to dream about August. Especially the Minnesota State Fair. Therefore, I can't resist this appetizer, it sounds like something I would definitely walk on a stick along Dan Patch Avenue.

Travis Peterson, the kitchen manager, got the idea from another place where he worked, which was once used to soak Midwestern picnic staples in beer paste. In this southern barbecue area in Farmington, he rolled up dill kimchi spears and two slices of Havarti cheese in burrito-like omelet wrappers. He said: "This brings it another kind of austerity."

The summary content goes into the fryer and burrito-the next rotating form of "Minnesota Sushi", which hits all the crispy, creamy, salty and fluffy aromas.

Peterson was the first to admit that it is not entirely suitable for high-end smoking rooms. That’s because this is a test item of the menu

, It opened (just closed) next door last fall and shared a kitchen. Now, Farm Town, which combines micro-brewed beer from all over Minnesota with comfort food, has been launched and started to operate, and the summary food will be moved to this menu in mid-March.

At the same time, they are the most popular menu of Bourbon Butcher.

He said: "Basically, anything that can be put in a deep fryer will go with southern-style food." (SJ)

This may be obvious, but it is not a good time for an urban cafe. Grey Fox occupies the fashion atrium of the former TCF Tower, and today, its pre-pandemic business turnover is about 5%. It has cut working hours in half, eliminated happy hours after get off work, and has temporarily abandoned its lunch and bar business. It cut staff and received grants.

But it remains open all the time, “just because we want to create a certain normality for people who work in the city but are still there,” said the owner, Chris Bjorling.

Bjorlin said that although the situation was "very bad," the gray fox's whimsy doubled because of a wonderful little machine behind the coffee bar. Essentially, this is a robot latte barista who can make almost any photo with coffee and foam. And this month, the intricate portrait of Marilyn Monroe went all out.

"Her details are incredible," Bjorlin said.

Latte contains strawberry jam and white chocolate jam, and tastes a bit like a box of lover's chocolate filled with fruit truffles. It has always been one of Grey Fox's most popular drinks among the bustling urban crowd.

Fortunately, Grey Fox will soon have the opportunity to attract more customers. In March, looking for a second store in Uptown, the address is 1477 W. Lake St. (SJ)

There is a new apple in the city, and it has an excellent pedigree.

WildTwist is a cross between Honeycrisp (developed by the University of Minnesota and one of the greatest Apple success stories ever) and Cripps Pink (aka Pink Lady), it is a breeder.

This kind of freckles, rose red beauty exudes a pleasant apple flavor, achieves the highest score in the crispy and juicy department, and has a balanced sweet and sour taste. In terms of design, it is also an ideal winter apple.

Chris Sandwick said: "This is a late harvest season-late October, early November-when it is stored, it emits a fragrance and makes it fragrant.

, This is a Pennsylvania-based company that is planting one million wild twist trees in Pennsylvania and Washington. "For Apple, spring and summer are not exciting times, but this is an apple that can provide an excellent eating experience when we traditionally can't see it."

The introduction of WildTwist (yes, this is a brand name) came at a time when the number of apple varieties competing for space in the supermarket had never been seen before. The best-selling apple in the country is the gala. Red delicacy ranks second, but the mainstream mainstream of once the undisputed apple in the United States is rapidly declining and is overshadowed by the rapid development trajectory of honey crisp.

Sandwick said: "The interesting thing about WildTwist is that it can become a niche market." "It can complement the event, not replace it."

The Twin Cities Market is the early part of WildTwist's nationwide promotion, and there is a reason for this.

Sandwick said: "People in Minnesota absolutely love apples." "People in Minnesota know that an apple is a good apple when they find it. That's why it is important to send this apple to the Twin Cities as soon as possible." ( Rick Nelson)

Chef Peter Hoff said: "We are always looking for something that can basically be embraced." "Who else in Minnesota doesn't like fried walleye?"

So many corneal sandwiches are boring. Not this, because Hough seems to have designed every detail, and then some details.

"Thinking too much?" he said with a smile. "This is my purpose here."

A large part, very sloppy, this knockdown hit all the right sensory buttons. From the cool and crispy cabbage salad to the soft bite of bread (a kind of beauty from Turtle Bread Co.) to the crispiness of the fish's breadcrumb coating, there are many very attractive changes in various textures.

Hoff cleverly sneaked into three popular heat sources instead of being surprised without saying a word: adding chilli garlic paste to the beer-rich batter of bigeye, cayenne pepper and vinegar powder for seasoning, And a thick wipe of aioli made from Chilean fuel.

The subtle celery flavor is another reason for admiration. Hoff turned to the stalk for compaction, the leaves as the color, and the seeds as the flavor. It turns out that celery is his favorite vegetable.

Hoff said: "People are not satisfied with the way it looks, but you can easily manipulate it, and you can nail it where you don't think it belongs." "In addition, it is very cheap."

The sandwich price is $17 (worth it) and includes fries, salad or soup. Hoff said it will stay on the menu for a while.

He said: "People are digging for a crispy fish sandwich." "And I think we can do better than McDonald's."

Trust me, they can. By the way, those looking for fast food fish sandwiches can find my survey of the worst of 9 options

. This is from 2019, so prices may have changed, but sentiment is still timely. (RN)

I am a special reporter, covering the vibrant dining scene in the Twin Cities.

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