3/11 NEW JAPAN CUP RESULTS: Wells’s results & analysis of second round matches Jeff Cobb vs. Evil, Toru Yano vs. Great O-Khan - Pro Wrestling Torch

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Finlay and Hashi started. Collar and elbow. Clean the break in the rope. Finlay's head was locked, and he pulled down Hashi but got stuck in a brief pair of scissors. Hashi's rope ran and his shoulder blocked. Hashi wanted Karma long ago, but Finlay blocked it. Tsuji marked his name and wanted Ishii, so Hashi also marked it. Tsushi started throwing his fists even before Ishii entered, and the two exchanged a lot of forearms shortly afterwards. Tsuji tried an obstacle and a running forearm, but Ishii knocked him down with an obstacle. When they reached a corner, the two traded their big forearms again. Tsuji got better communication, and briefly grounded Ishii, but Ishii began not to sell, and threw a big forearm to push Tsuji down. Ishii took Tsuji to the chaos corner and marked Hashi, then took a cheap shot at Tsuji after hitting the apron. Ji fired at Ishii again, and Hashi kicked him behind and caught his attention.

Hashi took a lot of Tsuji's forearms and put down him with one of his own. A seal run by Hashi. Jumping rope, Tsuji grabbed and slammed Hashi. Tsuji threw a forearm at Ishii again and lowered him from the apron to the floor. Tsuji marks Finlay, who dominates Hashi and knocks Ishii off the apron himself. Finlay pushed Hashi down and covered up two. Finlay turned to sliced ​​bread, but Hashi did not fail. Hashi gripped Finlay tightly on the mat and labeled Ishii. Ishii bumped his fist and Finlay's airdrop. Tsuji joined again, and both he and Ishii were fired. Tsuji knocked down Ishii with a cube, and then an airdrop. Tsuji avoided brainstorming, and Finlay and Hashi were also involved. When Tsuji splashed Ishii, Hashi was abandoned and Finlay directed the traffic. Tsuji used the Boston crab on Ishii until Hashi saved it. With Hashi's back kick, two members of Chaos dominate Tsuji. Ishii hit two home runs. Ishii missed the lasso, and Tsuji dragged him by two. Tsuji's Vertical suplex got two very long numbers. Ishii experienced a grand slam attempt and hit the German Avengers. Ishii's Boston Crab. Finlay threw his forearm at Ishii, who would not interrupt. Hashi abandoned Finlay, and Tsuji broke free. Tsuji rolled Ishii up two other long scrolls. Tsuji was hit by Ishii with a hard lasso.

Winners: Tomohiro Ishii and Yoshi-Hashi at 11:33. (** 3/4)

Before the bell rang, the movement splashed out of the ring. Back indoors, Jado and Takahashi work in Honma, and Honma hit DDT in both members of the Bullet Club. Honma and Jado are legal. Honma shredded Jado and smashed it in his corner. The avant-garde branded him and gave a severe applause. other. Shu Uemura hit a running knee and then a good grand slam. Uemura stepped on Jado, then ran the rope, and was tripped by Yujiro from outside. All six were arguing outside the ring at half speed until Uemura and Jado were back inside the ring. Jado repeatedly threw his forearm to the back of Uemura Head, and then labeled Yujiro. Yujiro's big forearm. Yujiro brandished an Irish whip and a pair of big boots around the corner. Pierre was labeled and kept Shu Uemura on the corner of British Columbia and lashed out at the body. Jado joined again, and he and Fale sent Uemura to a Tonga massage parlor. Honma lost his composure and got involved, but Jado easily pushed him aside, which was a bit strange.

Jado threw his forearm to Uemura, who shot and started tossing his own things. Shu Uemura tied the rope with a rope, and Jado tied him to the mat. The pale fur covering the boots made Sato Kenta count two. Uemura slipped out of the Grand Slam and gave Kojima a popular label. Faure missed a corner kick splash and Kojima hit his machine gun ribs. Jado ran over and cut the machine gun. Honma ran in and hit Jado's Kokeshi. Honma and Kojima teamed up with Fale and achieved some success. Kojima yelled for his taunt and went up the mountain, but Yujiro kicked him off. Kojima played some discus punches and small jigsaws. Kojima ran the rope, and Jado opened Farr with his kendo club, causing a sensation. Uemura and Yujiro signed. Uemura fired and hit the sentry. Shu Uemura's plural number from abdomen to back got two numbers. Yujiro bent his knees and Uemura missed an airdrop. Jiro’s Suplex got two. The other four started arguing outside. Yujiro wanted his finishing machine, but Uemura converted it into a summary of two. There are two retreats from Shu Uemura. Crossbody bag of Shu Uemura. Takeshi Uemura pulled the rope away, but Yujiro ran into the two nooses. Yujiro hit Pimp Juice to complete the game.

Winners: Yujiro Takahashi (Fad Luck Fale) and Jado (Jado) at 10:27. (* 3/4)

The entry of LIJ has always been an established order, and Naito always enters the last one, but this is the second consecutive night after Sanada & Takagi entered. It may just be that they are still in the game and he is not there, but it is still very interesting to me. Goto has also entered the final step of Chaos, so obviously all factions are doing this.

The opponents Goto and Takagi in the second round opened the game with a long forearm exchange. Goto almost caught Takagi in the GTR, and Takagi fought. Naito and Okada joined some of the anticipated cheers. Naito paused in front of the collar and elbow. Okada brings Naito to the rope to take his usual arrogant rest. Naito turned around, and Okada let him rest. Jump rope, back elbow, and then boots by Okada. Okada's Irish whip. Naito brought him down, and soon afterwards, all the men were involved, and the illegal men eventually quarreled outside. Naito locked Okada until Okada reached a minimum. Bushi inserted the tag and hit an axe handle on Okada's arm. When referee Marty Asami tried to pull it away, he choked Okada with his shirt and refused.

Takagi marked and hit the mare. He rode in an apron in Goto, and everything fell apart. Takagi knocked down Goto with a stiff lasso. Mami regains control. Sanada inserted the tag and threw his forearm at Okada. Sanada's Irish whip, he tied his boots with a rope, but then ran into Okada boots. Nagata greeted them and ran to the corner of LIJ and knocked them to the ground. He kicked Sanada hard in the chest, then used horn boots. Nagata's double sneaky plural got two. Nagata's Irish Whip. Sanada did not participate in the moon landing competition, but fell on his feet and fell a kick. The two splashed outside. Sanada aroused people's admiration and rolled Nagata back inside.

Nagata hit some elbows on Sanada, and the two began to exchange marksmanship. After the two were turned upside down, Nagata struggled to defeat the skull and broke his neck from the rope. Bushi and Sho marked. Bushi hit a missile drop and then hit two DDTs. The two exchanged forearms. Sho's rope run and his shoulder blocked his footsteps. Sho grounded Bushi and threw some feet into his chest. Sho missed the corner la lasso, and Takagi and Naito seemed to join hands with him everywhere. The samurai built two. Bushi and Sho reversed their move, and all eight guys briefly participated in the game. Goto dominates Naito and Takagi, then the samurai. He demanded the end of life. The samurai repelled the shock arrow and knocked down with a kick. Xiao lassoed and deadlifted two German pullovers at once. When the chaos got better, Sho hit Shock Arrow to finish the game. After the game, the opponents Goto Takagi and Sanadanagata paired up in the next round and won a short knockout.

Winners: Sho and Hirooki Goto and Kazuchika Okada and Yuji Nagata at 12:00. (** 1/4)

-Cleaning and disinfection.

Tanahashi and White did some poses before the bell, and then they were the first legal person. On the collar and elbows, White tied Tanahashi to the rope and posed. Tianqiao did the same with White. Tanahashi's arm colic, he labeled Henare. Henare defeated White in the first round of the game, and then another person, thus getting rid of the frustration. Irish whip and Henare exploded with noose. Henare's head bumped. Owens tried to trip Henare and focused on long enough to find Jay White's dragon screw. White kicked Henare to the corner of BC and marked Kenta. Kenta hit a back elbow, then threw Enare to a waiting Jay White, who stepped on him. Kenta built a count in it.

Owens marked his appearance. He stepped on Henare's arm. Hanare's right foot was marked in white and stepped on it. Kenta plugged in the tag, stepped off Henare's wrist, and continued his cruel actions. The back of Kenta and Henare. other. Henare started to set fire and he got rid of Kenta's forearm. Henare's rope ran and his shoulder blocked. The juice was hit and hit the corner lasso. Juice can let loose things out more than usual. Juice bypassed Kenta and hit the copyright. Kenta went into hiding, so Juice hit DDT. The juice rushed to Kenta around the corner, but ate the boots. Kenta dropped Juice's neck on the rope and went in twice. Kenta hit two drops of DDT. The juice hit an amazing gasp, and both guys sold it on the mat. White and Tana are marked as. Naha (Tanahashi) flying over the front bridge. Tanahashi beat White into a corner and slammed him, then hit two rolling sentries. Tanahashi kicked, but White hit the dragon screw. White hit a corner of his forearm and bumped it twice. White bent the other two baby faces from his aprons with his elbows and beat Tianqiao with his kick. White's other dragon screw.

Tanahashi broke free from the number four character and hit his dragon screw. Owens put the tag on and threw his forearm on the grounded Tanahashi until Asami dismantled it. Owens' PK got two. Henare was involved, and soon everyone else was involved. The ring was cleared, and Tanahashi hit another dragon screw on Chase. Cloverleaf in Tanahashi. chase.

Winners: Julia Tanahashi and Juice Robinson and Toa Henare at 13:18. (** 1/4)

Yano, carrying a chair, KOPW trophy, towel and belt, stalled a lot on the way to the ring, which may be more stupid than usual. Ohan kept staring at him.

The two people struggled at first. Yano was released on bail and grabbed some tape from under the ring. O-Khan turned around and invited Yano to tie his fists together, and Yano did it. O-Khan asked Yano (I think) to remove the corner pads, and he did. Yano waved his hand and missed, O-Khan got rid of the tape. Yano was frightened and defended the ramp. O-Khan lay prone on the ring and invited Yano in. Yano entered and kicked a few times, O-Khan trapped him in an ankle lock and couldn't break it until Yano tied the rope. The first contact took nearly two and a half minutes.

O-Khan missed a few sets of lasso, but hit the back elbow. Yano escaped from the slope again, O-Khan held Yano's chair, placed it on the ring, and then sat on the chair. Yano set up a circus chair on the ramp, sat there, staring at O-Khan. The referee starts counting. O-Khan told Young Lion that Gabriel Kidd awarded him the KOPW trophy. He did it. Yano was annoyed by this and begged to come back. O-Khan acted like he was about to win the trophy, and Yano entered the arena again. O-Khan stretched out a hand to Yano, and Yano took it. O-Khan pressed Yano and grounded it. O-Khan stepped on Yano's arm, then slammed the deadlift wrench mixture, and got two counts. O-Khan put on the headrest/sleeper, and Yano tried to escape, but O-Khan slammed him to keep his condition. Yano stood up and broke with a rope.

O-Khan stretched Yano's head to the bare corner, and then sat on him in a rich posture. O-Khan pushed Yano onto the mat and stepped on him. O-Khan tried to force Yano to kiss his feet. Yano turned upside down and placed O-Khan in the bare flower basket. Yano's "From belly to belly". The two exchanged shots, Yano put O-Khan in the bare buckle again, and rolled him up two. Yano tied the rope to O-Khan's big boots. O-Khan chopped off his Mongolian steak. Yano avoided O-Khan's paw and rolled him into two in a small package. O-Khan held his paw, and so did Yano. It turns out that O-Khan is more capable, he put Yano on the mat twice to score. Yano threw O-Khan to the floor, then tied him to the roadblock with O-Khan's long braid. O-Khan cut half of his hair with nearby scissors, then he entered and was irritated. Yano hit a low ball from referee Red Shoes Unno's field of vision, pushing O-Khan to victory.

Winner: Toru Yano at 13:01. (*)

Cobb accused of sin, and the evil apostle was released on bail. In retrospect, it might be a mistake to have Yano and Evil use their stall tactics to compete in two singles matches on the same show. When Evil kicked, the first contact was about 70 seconds, and then Cobb was chopped on the rope. Rope jump and Cobb's shoulder block. Evil bail again. Dick Togo tried to intervene, Cobb threw evil into Togo, and Togo broke into the roadblock. Cobb defeated Togo again and followed evil. Cobb's stomach medicine threw the demon back to the Lord of the Rings. Cobb threatened the special announcer Yujiro Takahashi (Yujiro Takahashi), then went back inside and attacked the Evil directly.

Cobb flattened Evil with his forearm, then threw him a few more times, and fell him down twice again. Cobb hit his head and was briefly distracted by Togo. Togo grabbed Cobb's arm on the ropeway, and Evel secured him to the floor with a clothesline. The evil followed Cobb to the outside, and then led him to the roadblock. He blocked Cobb at another barricade and knocked down a table and some equipment. Evil took Cobb to the other side of the ring, and then the part of the chair that went around his neck became flatter than usual, because the chair did not fly over Cobb's head. The evil entered the circle, and the referee started counting. Cobb arrived at the ring at 12 o'clock.

The demon hit Cobb's left leg with his fist and elbow. He sprained his leg and Cobb threw his forearm at the evil back, trying to break him. Cobb grabbed the rope, and the evil finally broke. The evil threw Cobb outside again, then put him in another barricade, this time knocking down the table with the ring announcer, and the latter fell into the next barricade. After a few more shots, the two returned to the arena, and Evil chose sup regret. Cobb temporarily blocked it, but the evil hit one, and then another, hitting two. Evil kicked Cobb down, who threw a shot at Evil's instinct, trying to get into trouble again. Evil played his position as a referee, but Cobb did it instead, and hit a belly-to-belly gum, which eventually caused some separation.

Cobb lifted the turnbuckle with every move, deadlifting Evil and turning it into a super complex. This is a feat of strength, and one must believe that it is a feat. Cobb covered two. Cobb slammed into the corner pad, but the devil slipped off and knocked Cobb down, and the two were sold for a while. The devil clings to his horns. Both missed the running lasso, and Cobb finally hit the lasso. Cobb went to stand for a moon haunt, but Evil raised his legs. The evil fired a continuous lasso gun, went to a scorpion death lock, and hit it. Cobb pushed up, then climbed onto the rope and broke. Evil has always existed until it is legal.

Evil sit down and got two bombs. The demon fought for everything is a demon, but Cobb knocked it back and hit the super kicker. Cobb used his equipment to yank the evil and hit two strong attacks. Cobb wanted a fireman to carry with him, and when he resisted, he chopped up the chopped evil. Cobb lifted Cobb and threw him over the ring. Dick Togo tried to get a tattoo on his body. Cobb knocked him back, hitting Evil's back elbow, and then the standing moon. Cobb played a spin loop, but Evel caught the referee during the move and he was knocked outside.

Outside the circle, Yota Tsuji tried to revive the red shoes. Inside, Cobb yanked Evil and hit a running European uppercut around the corner. Cobb placed Evil on the top buckle, but Togo appeared behind Cobb and choked him with a gutter. Cobb supported Togo's entry into Evil to break and stop Evil's momentum. Cobb raised Togo on one shoulder in another Superman performance, and Evil on the other shoulder as a grand slam. Cobb laughed at his work, threw Togo outside, and put the red shoes back. Cobb got two of his bombs.

Cobb tried to get the devil through the ring, but the devil broke down. Cobb picked him up and kept playing with the possum, he opened his eyes. Evil called to end the game and fight for "Everything is Evil", but Cobb fought back and hit the German suffix. Cobb tried a trip around the island, but Evil supported him to enter the bare buckle. The evil was charged, but Cobb moved, and the evil ate the bare buckle. Cobb participated in the Cycling Tour of the Island, but Takahashi Yujiro distracted the referee, Evil was hit hard, and Everything is Evil ended the race.

Winner: Evil at 23:09. (** 1/2)

This is one of the "New Japan" shows that I haven't seen for a long time, and I have watched them all. I don't know if I have ever participated in NJ performances, but I don't feel that any competition has reached three stars. It is a daunting task to book matches and try to make sure that every show is worth seeing, but it seems to be a problem that can be avoided tonight, as both matches are won by people who wrestle a lot.

There are two singles matches in the show, are they both hit? In almost any new Japanese show, you will get one or more excellent pure wrestling matches, but this is not an ordinary performance. On the other hand, all the stupidity was drawn into a quadrant, and the rest of the second round seemed to be a great game. When I conclude the final, I will see you again. Cheers.

Do you think Tanahashi will advance to the finals? Or are we going to enter the Sanada/Evil final?

thank you

This is a very good question. They have thrown us a lot of curve balls. I had Jay White to win, but I didn't see him having an obvious opponent in the final. Sanada-Evil seems more likely.

In this regard, Tana also looks like a good choice now. He doesn't take him seriously lately, but he might surprise us.

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