14 nail polish colors for fall from OPI, Essie, Orosa, and more

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As autumn is in full swing, leaves are not the only things that change color with the seasons. Cool weather usually prompts us to phase out bright colors and switch to warmer and more comfortable palettes, which can be transformed into home decoration, clothes, cosmetics, and even our weekly mani wiki. 

Although certain shades will always be considered seasonal classics (such as burgundy, burnt orange, earth tones and rich emerald greens), some of the most popular autumn nail polish colors seem to reflect the mood of each particular season . E.g,

, The founder of a healthy nail care brand

It is predicted that manicure in the fall of 2020 will use a mixture of high-energy tones (such as orange and metallic) and soft shades (such as wine and purple with gray undertones). She added that neutrals will also have a moment. 

Lin told The Insider: "Nude colors are popular in every season, and autumn is also the same." "Especially in the case of COVID, people wash a lot of hands, and more and more people choose to be naked. Chips, and there won’t be so many chips."

To prepare you for the new season, we have collected the best autumn 2020 nail polish colors from OPI, Essie, Butter London, etc.

The purpose of this fall's beauty trend is to boost your spirits. What better way to improve your mood than putting on a layer or two of sparks? Côte's Gold Glitter nail polish is made of fine scale sequins. It can be sprayed as your own dazzling nail polish, as a top coat on another favorite autumn shade, or (if your hands are firm) for nail art. 

You may not be flying overseas anytime soon, but with OPI's Fall 2020 collection, Italy is at your fingertips. A trip to Milan is one of our favorite shades; the cozy bronze polish exudes a warm teddy bear-like tone. When you do it, it also shows a subtle gleam. 

ZOYA Soleil is a mixture of burnt orange and chocolate brown, which can produce warm pigments similar to sweet cider. Similar to the shiny color of OPI, Soleil dries opaque objects with a metallic texture.

Deborah Lippmann's autumn collection includes "Let Nature Sing", a full-covering camel beige cream that is unbelievable in every skin tone, and you can enjoy every one in your autumn wardrobe. One piece goes with it. More importantly, the neutral formula is timeless and seasonable, so we guarantee that you will get this shade throughout the year.

In view of the cocoa season, Nails.INC London released this vibrant, chocolate-flavored nail polish duo. The indulgent pair is made up of 100% hot chocolate and rich brown tones, and my name is Fondue You, which is a gorgeous caramel with a faint shimmer.

Whether you describe Essie's green hue as khaki or olive, one thing we can agree on is that dark green nail polish should be used when rotating in the fall. The Heart of the Jungle is a creamy white polish with a yellow undertone. We like its tone and its affordable price tag.

What could be more autumnal than pumpkin style nail polish? LeChat's pumpkin color is not pumpkin orange, but a soft change of color. It is closer to the color of the freshly poured pumpkin spice latte, and it darkens or brightens according to your body temperature. Essentially, you will get a multi-faceted mani in the bottle.

I tried to turn some shades of purple into neutral shades of autumn, and this may happen on the 21st of the year on Sunday. The purple-gray pigment is rich and magnificent, romantic and moody, and can be worn casually or used for formal events. 

There is a very special shade of yellow that suits the autumn aesthetic, and Orosa nailed it with Star (pun meaning profound). It is the perfect mustard color that can add a cloudy color, and has a light orange undertone, which is both comfortable and complementary to a thick dark sweater. 

The appearance of the white polish is very good...

. No matter how you wear Jinsoon's creamy formula (monochrome mani, classic French or interesting design), Absolute White ensures that it attracts your attention with its clean contrast.

When it comes to color retention and polishing quality, almost nothing can meet the standards of Smith & Cult formulas, and Tang Bang is no exception. It's like the opaque orange hue flows down from autumn leaves and then bottled. Critics commented that it may be one of the only "adult" color reproductions. 

There is time and place on pink nails, and although you will rarely find thermal changes in tones in autumn collections, you can easily defend a softer version. Mom’s words are a step above neutrality-it is a rose-colored coat suitable for all skin tones, and has a strengthening and anti-fragment formula. If you don't like manicure, but want to put a little color on the nib, then look no further.

Tenoverten has one of the best black formulas you will find: it is opaque and pitch black, like a sky without stars. This is a staple food, especially when celebrating the ghostly season.

Personally, I think some of the most iconic reds come from Revlon's nail polish collection. Divine is a deep berry color, almost like a smoky scarlet, a power shade that is both bold and beautiful. 

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