12 Summer Nail Looks You Should Probably Just Start Wearing Now

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Do you know one of my favorite things about summer? People can actually see my facts

once. Like, to be sure, winter is good (read: drinking hot chocolate, lying under my weighted blanket for several days in a row), but when I strapped and walked outside, all the hard work of my beloved manicurist (jk, It's me) Sadly, the things nailed to the nails are hidden in gloves or pockets.

And since the time comes earlier than you think, I have compiled the nail trends for the summer of December 2021-from IG-specific designs to bright and striking polished colors-you should try 100% this season.

Like this for your next color matching design

very easy. Simply coat your first four nails with lavender oil, and then coat the pink with hot pink oil. Then enter, draw the thumb, index finger and half of the ring finger in the same pink shade.


These multi-color tips combine two of my favorites

-French nails and Ober nails. They will add the perfect flare to your appearance without conflicting with your summer outfits.

Ten daily stories for you to see at a glance

Blue and blue are two common nail polish colors, and the pairing between them is not sufficient, and the summer of 2021 will change this situation. Like, how stylish/cool does this combination look like?

Summer is the best time to simplify you

, But you can still (and should!) make a statement with bright, bold nails. A few sides of this red spiciness can do this.

To be honest, abstract handbags can be used in any season, but the bright yellow blocks in this graphic design are actually made for wearing on your clothes

In the warmer months.

Move the eyes of the sunset, sunset manicure (with gradient)

Polish colors and fine palm trees) until the summer of 2021.

By using two of the coolest Mani brunches displayed on the table

There are different finishes-one is matte and the other is glossy. You can use them on spare nails or on the same nail to create details.

You don't need fancy

DIY this cute red and white summer nail idea. Apply two coats of white polish on the nails, wait until it is completely dry, and then use a red brush to stroke and play.

Use some different warm tone polishes to achieve this goal

Mani has a fun summer feel. This is the perfect way to keep your nails low-key without being too basic or boring.

When rose quartz nails became popular for the first time, I did not immediately join the trend, which I deeply regret. Good things still look

In the summer of 2021, I have been completely obsessed with it, and I will wear it until Labor Day.

If you are looking for multi-colored mani and don’t take the rainbow, these bright colors

prompt. Just make sure to seal it all with a gel top coat for extra gloss and chip resistance.


The best part about this summer nail trend is that it reached on two levels: retro summer and Funfetti desserts. This is also my favorite idea for new nails to be worn on the nails.


You will be fascinated.

Starting from Harper's "BAZAAR"

P.S. You can even do most of them by yourself.

Bring summer romance. From Harper's Bazaar

Although vigilant hand washing is essential to stop the spread of COVID-19, all of us can agree that constant scrubbing and blistering have caused serious damage to our nails. Eager to improve my nail defense arsenal, I decided to try SpaRitual Nourishing Nail Vegan Enhancer ($20). Now, before we move on to the next step, let me be completely honest and say that I have always been skeptical of nail enhancers.

In addition to being super stylish, the sun hat also provides an extra layer of protection to resist the sun's damage to the skin. Dr. Heidi Waldorf, a dermatologist certified by the board of directors, one of the founders of New York Waldorf Dermatology Aesthetics, said that wearing a hat and sunscreen in the sun is a good idea. The reason is: "The hat can block ultraviolet rays and provide sunscreen that will not wear out."

Fast inventory is better! come from all around the world

They are cool, not mean people.

These amazing shades can improve your DIY mania.

The time of the sandal season.

Whether you like short legs, flared pants or classic cigarette cutters, there is a pair of white denim for you. From towns and villages

The messenger bag is the perfect accessory for those days who want to be hands-free. Some styles are too light to feel you are wearing them. You look and feel good, and you can easily enjoy the sun without sunlight. Fortunately, the designers released gorgeous choices that are perfect for spring. We have carefully selected our favorite selected products for your consideration. Go ahead and treat yourself to something new! -Other reports by Macy Cate Williams (Macy Cate Williams) related: 25 H&M works, someone will always praise you

Don't mind if I do this! From the world

Increase the value of my property one canvas at a time. From the world

The jeans are too long and uncomfortable.

Although gel manicure is super long-lasting, it is difficult to remove. And the process is not only time-consuming, but also involves multiple products. However, Gel Nail Steamer is a machine that can evaporate acetone to strip the gel polish. It may speed up and simplify the process. The manufacturer Nico Reyes tested the steamer to understand how well it removes the gel polish, how fast it removes the polish, and whether the damage to the nails by the machine is lower than the normal gel removal process. See if it is worth $46. Product used in this video: Gel Nail Steamer, $46.90 https://amzn.to/3odqzRY Allure Kiara Sky Gel Nail Polish, $12.99 https://kiarasky.com/products/gel-polish- g487-allure-1 Kiara sky gel base coat, $12.99 https://bit.ly/33vZl12 Kiara sky gel without wiping top coat, $12.99 https://bit.ly/3qfOodz Bess & Color Polish in Zissou Blue , $16, https: //bit.ly/ 2 VpWhPy Kiara Sky Dip Powder in New Yolk City, $ 14.99 https://bit.ly/3lsjQBN Dilute Professional Nail File, $ 3.99 https://amzn.to/2Jp5SUg

Pick up the nail file.

They all sold out.

At this point in 2021, we assume that you are already familiar with the famous Bala Bangles. (If this is not the case, they are wearable weights that can be fastened...

In addition, they are very cute and recognized by experts! come from all around the world

If you shake the same old denim every day, you are not alone. This season, our task is to wear more pants. These comfortable and versatile pants are more breathable and stretchy, and look cute in all the items you already own.

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