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Homeowners rarely set foot on their roofs. When roof problems arise, most homeowners just rent out their jobs to professionals. The reality is

It doesn’t have to be as daunting as the facts. Once you have prepared and have the right tools, for most DIYers, small-scale repairs are within their abilities.

Preparation is critical, so the first step is to know which roof tool you need to repair. Except one

A proper roofing kit requires some specific equipment. Attempting to repair a roof without proper preparation can be painful and even dangerous. On the other hand, being fully prepared and equipped with the right roof tools will put you in a leading position in both gaming and roofing.

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If you want to risk climbing on the roof, you must put safety first. Even one-story high and low roofs may be dangerous to work. Having a lightweight seat belt that will not hinder your activities, but also allows you to tie your nail bag to the top, which is priceless.

Qualcraft Guardian Fall Protection Kit (available from the following website)

) Have everything you need to safely get on the roof and complete your work.

It is no easy task to tear off the existing shingles on the roof, and it can be better solved with some leverage. The debris remover slides between the strips and prys it up, releasing it from the roof sheath (the plywood layer to which the nails are fixed). These cleaning tools have long handles that allow you to stay standing while maintaining sufficient leverage. In short, they can quickly remove old roofs.

Qualcraft 54-inch debris removal shovel (available from the following locations)

) Is a light and strong option that can be used to quickly and safely remove the roof into plywood.

Climbing the ladder on the tool all day is neither convenient nor practical. To be safe, putting tools on the roof surface is also a bad idea. Carpenter’s nail bag, also known as

, Provides a convenient place to hold some hand tools and a small bag of roof nails. These bags improve efficiency, safety and speed, and reduce fatigue.

Buy a bag that sits on the hip with a hammer ring at the back. The roof requires a lot of bending, and the bag sitting on the lap makes it difficult to remove nails and tools from it.

A lightweight nail bag like this from BucketBoss (in

) Very suitable for roof work. It has enough onboard storage space and will not bring too much burden to users.

Have a

Is the key to successful roof repair or installation. Telescopic knives allow you to open and close them with one hand, allowing you to stabilize yourself with the other hand when you are in an unbalanced state, thereby helping to improve safety. In addition, some models also have an additional point, that is, a quick-change blade release button, which simplifies the operation of replacing blunt blades.

Lenox Gold Quick Change Utility Knife (in

) It is ergonomically designed to improve leverage and comfort, while being slim enough to be hidden in a carpenter’s nail bag.

A properly installed roofing system should first spread the felt paper over the entire sheath. Before installing the shingles, the paper needs to be stapled in place. The hammer and nail machine is the fastest way to drive some staples home. The hammer oscillates over the head like a hammer and quickly snaps the staples into the sheath, allowing you to install a whole felt paper immediately.

Buy a streamlined model without a clumsy head. Lightweight, streamlined models are more suitable to be placed in a nail bag, but the weight is much lighter.

BOSTITCH hammer and stapler (in

) It can take photos of staples of various specifications and comes with a storage bag.

The importance of one 

It cannot be exaggerated, especially when it comes to roof work. You are looking for a model that has outstanding performance (the length of the tape measure can be unsupported before snapping) and a large hook that can hold the surface hands-free. You will use it to arrange flat, consistent shingles or even uncovered routes. The 25-foot model can be used for most roofing tasks without being too large or heavy in the nail bag.

25-foot Stanley FatMax (available in

) Is the favorite job site in all industries.

The key to a consistent shingles route is the correct layout, and the chalk box is the most reliable way to achieve this. By aligning the chalk lines between the measurements on both sides of the roof, you will follow clearly visible guidelines and get a blueprint for perfect roof work.

Irvine Strait Line Chalk Line (available at

) Is a lightweight and reliable model that fits well into a small bag. It has enough chalk to complete roof work without being too big or bulky.

When on the roof, it is convenient to maintain a reliable pry bar. Not all items that need to be pryed up can be guaranteed to climb down the ladder to get the ribbon remover. Sometimes, all you need is a little leverage to get the job done. A sturdy model can be heavy, but it's an area worth sacrificing some weight to increase strength, and it's totally worth it.

Stanley Wunderbar (available at

) Is an ancient lamp used at the work site. It is small and can be carried on the roof all day long.

A kind

It is another necessary condition to solve roofing work. Hammers help nail dripping edges, drive roof nails, and pry or separate things. They come in different weights and sizes, but the full-featured 16-ounce model can be driven into roof nails with many hammers while still being lightweight and portable.

Steel hammers are often heavy and lack the ability to absorb vibration. After a long day, they caused serious damage to the roofer's swing arm. The wood and fiberglass models are very light and will absorb the shock waves before they enter your hands and arms.

Don’t let this name fool you: The Vaughan & Bushnell 16-ounce Refined Hammer (available at

) The striking surface is very wide, which is very suitable for roofing work.

If speed and convenience are important to you,

It may be the right roofing tool for you. These pneumatic tools can quickly nail shingles. In the work of two people, they are almost indispensable for optimizing the workflow. One roofer can put down the shingles, and the other can follow behind with nails to fix it. This flow can greatly reduce the time required for roof construction.

BOSTITCH coil nail gun (available from

) Because of its reliability, it has become a favorite on the roof construction site.

If you are using roof nails, then you will

. Medium-sized compressors are light weight and do not consume much power-this is important when they are at the end of a long extension cord. Larger models may hold more volume, but when extension cords are plugged in, they are more likely to trip the circuit breaker.

Purchase additional hoses and proceed with caution. Bringing compressors to the roof is the root cause of the disaster. Vibration may cause them to walk off the edge of the roof, may take a person away, fall on someone below or cause damage to the house.

This DEWALT 6-gallon air compressor (available in

) The volume is enough to operate one nail continuously, but if necessary, two nails can be connected at most.

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