10 Best Nail Drills of 2021 - Pro Nail Drill Machines for Home & Salon

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Whether you are a professional or a beginner, we can choose.

If DIY is


One way to upgrade the process is to use a professional nail drill, also called an electric file or electric manicure file, which will make your fingernails and toenails look similar to the look you get in a salon.

The electric manicure tool set can be used on false and natural nails: they can file and



, And then smooth the calluses.

However, although they can bring convenience to Mani/pedis in your home, if you lack experience in using a certain detail or are unfamiliar with these details, you may not achieve the result you want in the end, or even worse, damage your nails And hurt yourself. Here, before you put your fingers on a professional nail drill, you need to know some important tips:

These are the best nail drills you can buy, including the best affordable electronic files, the best nail drills for beginners, the best professional nail drills, and more:

This cordless cordless nail drill from Imene can easily remove acrylic or gel. Calculated at 35,000 RMPs


The tool also has a brushless motor to reduce wear and make it durable. 

This MelodySusie electric nail file is portable and can give your nails a professional look.

And can easily handle your acrylic nails.

The main body of the nail drill is made of aluminum alloy, which helps to dissipate heat. Note: This is specially designed for acrylic and gel nails, so please do not use this machine on natural nails! 

Are you a fan of manicure, do you always do it yourself? Then, this Medicool nail drill is perfect for you, especially if you like acrylic nails. The tool is an investment, but its features make it worthwhile: 

So that it can handle the toughest nail jobs

It is equipped with six nail clippers, including diamond, ceramic and cemented carbide (diamond bit is anti-rust, while ceramic and cemented carbide bit are durable). 

If you are new to nail drills, then please choose Bellasonic, which is one of the most acclaimed nail drills

. This nail drill

, Very suitable for beginners. The disc is strong enough to work on acrylic, but it is also soft enough to file off easily


Kupa nail drills are definitely the favorite of the following products 

Lovers, although the price may be high for some people. it is

. It also has a small clip on the back, in case you want to hook it on your pants or need to take it with you.

Its speed is as high as 30,000 RPM and there is almost no vibration. However, there is no on/off button, so you have to adjust the settings every time you use it, and it is not provided with the drill. A reviewer said: "If you are used to being the best, why would you try the rest?" "This product left a deep impression on me."

If you are looking for affordable electronic files, then this Makartt nail drill will be your best choice. This low-priced electronic document machine has a speed of up to 30,000 RPM, which is ideal for gel and acrylic nails (though not natural!).

It even

Save cash? Your nails don't have to suffer.

Heal you 

So you can give yourself

. You can also store the tools in the curing station of the electric nail cover. Note: To use the LED, to light up, you need two AAA batteries. 

This Hammacher power tool kit is a good choice for people who want to facilitate and speed up the manicure and pedicure process at home.

Six speeds up to 12,000 RPM are very suitable for natural nails. The tip of the electric wand is

Note: The RPM of this tool is too slow for acrylic nails. 

If you want to put your own beauty products together, then this Bauer suit is perfect for you. it

There are only two speeds, so this is better for natural manicure and natural nail pedicure.

TouchBeauty's nail files are very suitable for beginners. With just one button, you won't be struggling. Its output speed is up to 9,000 RPM, so although this is not our first choice for acrylic nails, it is

. It is also battery powered, so there is no need to worry about wires and wires! Note: The accessories are not replaceable, so when they wear out, it's time to throw away the machine. However, for less than $20, if you are new to nail rigs, then its price is perfect.

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